Te fee


  • May 20, 1563

    Francis Drake

    Francis Drake
    His circumnavigfation of the Earth was important.
  • George Washington

    George Washington
    this helped our state because he was our first president giving people some one to look up too and follow. plus he made good rules and not many dislikes about him.
  • Native American Migration

    Native American Migration
    Created the reservation system.
  • Lewis and Clark Expedition

    Lewis and Clark Expedition
    They established diplomatic relations and trade with at least two dozen indigenous nations
  • Wittman mascacre

    Wittman mascacre
    It was a conflict between the whites and native americans, and the white settlers moving in.
  • Great Seattle Fire

    Great Seattle Fire
    this helped seattle because the population was really low before the fire because the city was really old and gross. so once the fire ended they had to rebuild everything and made it looking so much nicer.
  • Fredrick Weyerhaeuser

    Fredrick Weyerhaeuser
    He founded a logging company, and it still runs today.
  • William Boeing

    William Boeing
    this helped seattle because he created air planes for travel. without air planes we would have to drive state to state which is so much longer then an air plane.
  • Centralia Massacre

    Centralia Massacre
    In 1999, the owner of the nearby former Elks building commissioned a mural to memorialize Wesley Everest and the Wobblies
  • Bertha Landes

    Bertha Landes
    bertha landes helped because it gave the ladies someone to look up too. also she showed that girls can be part of the government too just jusrt men.
  • Grand Coulee Dam

    Grand Coulee Dam
    this helps our state because it gives us power. it also saves us money.
  • Bill Gates

    Bill Gates
    this helped seattle because he created a whole bunch of game systems like the xbox and the 360 which gave people entertainment. also he made microsoft which helps our school because we use microsoft word and powerpoint and without that it would all have to be hand written.