World War II Timeline (Early Events)

By tak1994
  • End of World War I

    World War I ended with the treaty of Versallies
  • Hitler joins the Nazi party

    Adolf Hitler, a wondering ex-corpral finds himself sharing ideals with the newly formed Nazi Party
  • Facscist Party established under Mussolini in Italy

    Benito Mussolini forms together a party with a strong sense of Nationalism, winning the hearts of many Italians
  • Establishment of the USSR

    Under Vladimir Lenin, the communist USSR is formed from Russia
  • Mussolini takes over Italy

    The facist party takes over the Italian government, Musslini the new dictator.
  • Death of Vladimir Lenin; control of USSR to Joseph Stalin; deaths of 8-13 million Russians

    Lenin dies and Stalin takes over, he insisted on industrial growth, as shown in his 5-year plan.
  • US and 61 other countries sign Kellogg-Briand Pact

    62 countries sign a pact.
  • Japanese invasion of Manchuria

    The newly militaristic government of Japan sets it's eyes on expanding the empire, and in 1931 starts its expansion with Manchuria.
  • Roosevelt takes office

    Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected into office as the President of the United States
  • Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany, establishing the Third Reich

    Hitler gains the position of the haed leader of the Nazi party and when the Nazi party came into power in Germany, Hitler became the dictaor.
  • Hitler announces secret plans for lebensraum

    Hitler meets up with his top generals to discuss his plans for the Third Reich.
  • US begins passing Neutrality Acts

    The US passes these acts in an effort to pervent direct intervention of the US in any foriegn wars.
  • Hitler begins military buildup

    Hitler violates the terms of the Treaty of Versallies that limit the amount of war machines Germany can posess and starts building his army.
  • Civil War begins in Spain under Francisco Franco

    Franco rasies a revloution to overthrow the current Spanish government.
  • German troops invade Rhineland

    The Nazi invade the neutral land on the border of France that was once part of Germany
  • Italian troops conquer Ethiopia

    Mussolini invades Ethiopia as the first step in the invasion of Africa.
  • Japan invades China

    After on invasion of Manchuria, Japan quickly expands further going to China next.
  • Hitler takes Austria

    Hitler claims that the Austrians are harassing the German population in their country and invades it to "liberate the Germans."
  • Munich Agreement; Sudetenland to Germany

    Germany makes an agreement to take Sudetenland
  • Totalitarian government established in USSR

    Stalin forms a totalitarian government to futher his plans for Soviet Russia.
  • Czechoslovakia falls to Hitler

    Hitler uses the same excuse he used against the Austrians and invades Czechoslovakia.
  • Franco is successful in Spain

    Franco overthrows the Spanish government and Spain becomes a totalitarian government.
  • Non-Agression Pact

    Germany and Russia agree to not fight eachother, and split Poland as part of the deal.
  • German invasion of Poland, blitzkrieg

    Germany starts its attack on Poland using a strategic tactic called blitzkrieg.
  • Russian army into Finland(Finns surrender in three months)

    known as the Winter War, this confict gave Finland to the USSR.
  • German invasion of Denmark and Norway

    Germany invades and captures Denmark and Norway.
  • Defeat of the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg

    with the three countries under Nazi control, Germany sets its sights on France.
  • British and French defeat at Dunkirk

    a large scale retreat of British, French, and Belgian forces across the English channel by whatever means possible.
  • Italy enters the war on the side of Germany

    Together they invade France
  • Plans for an invasion of Great Britan

    This is the beginning of what will be known as the Battle of Britain.
  • France surrenders to Germany

    Hitler demands that the terms of surrender be signed in the same train cart that the treaty of Versallies was signed in.