• Period: to


  • McKinley Tariff

    Permitted all countries to ship sugar duty-free to the United States
  • Teller Amendment

    Cuba wanted its independence from Spain, U.S. took it and gave them control over their government
  • Spanish American War

    Spanish American War
    Comflict betwen U.S. and Spain. Ended in U.S. victory in the Treaty of Paris
  • Annexation of Hawaii

    Hawaiians wanted Liluokalan back on the throne for Hawaii
  • Annexation of the Phillipines

    Gave the Phillipines their independence from Spain.
  • Boxer Rebellion

    Boxer Rebellion
    Rebellion in China
  • Pnanma Canal

    Pnanma Canal
    U.S. recieves canal zone from Panama
  • Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty

    U.S. declares unending soverignty over the canal zone.
  • Roosevelt Corllary

    U.S. wanted to police affairs in the western hemisphere.
  • The Great White Fleet

    The Great White Fleet
    U.S. Navy Fleet that circumnavigated the globe
  • Dollar Diplomacy

    Dollar Diplomacy
    Term used to desribe U.S. economic efforts during the time period.