Lewis and Clark

  • Spring 1803

    Spring 1803
    Lewis is now picked at the commander of the team. He is sent to Philedelphia for knowledge he needs to know to be sent out on this jounrey. Lewis asks his old friend Clark to help him lead this team of men and Clark excepts.
  • Louisiana purchased

    Louisiana purchased
    The purchase of Lousiana is announced for $15 million dollars. The U.S is double the size it was before. Also, it added 820,00 sq miles and it was just 3 cents an acre!
  • St. Louis

    St. Louis
    Lewis took part in the cerimonies of transferring the Louisiana Territory from France to the United States. These cerimonies were held in St. Louis.
  • Indians

    First council between the U.S representatives and Indians occur. the captain hands out peace medals, 15-star flags, and other gifts; parade men and show off technology such as magnets, compasses, and telescopes.
  • Pittsburgh

    Lewis oversee contruction of big keelboat in Pittsburgh.Later takes boat downt he Ohio River pciking up Clark and other explorers. Lewis has a seaman he bought for $20 and Clark has a slave he has owned since childhood.
  • Yankton, South Dakota

    Yankton, South Dakota
    Expedition holds friendly council with Yankton Sioux. According to Yankton tradition, when a new baby is born Lewis wrapped him in a U.S flag and called him "an american."
  • Finding new animals

    Finding new animals
    Moving into the Great Plains, they start spotting new animals n the East: (coyotes, antelope, mule deer, and others.) On this particular day, all the men are employed drowning a prairie dog out of its hole for evidence. In all they found 178 plants and 122 animals.
  • Winter

    Clark notes a temperature of -45 degrees. John Ordway says that it is colder than he has ever known in the United States. After a week it was Christams Eve and Fort Mandan was complete as ready for the harsh winter.
  • Buffalo Calling

    Buffalo Calling
    The mandans performed a buffalo calling ceremony and a few days later a herd of buffalo shows up. The Indians and explorers hunt buffalo together. An Indian boys toes get frostbite and Lewis has to amputate them.
  • Sacagawea

    Sacagawea gives birth to a baby boy. The baby boys name is Jean Baptist. Lewis assists her with a potion made front rattle snake rings that would speed up the delivery.
  • Montana

    They head to what is now Montana this is farthest west any white man has ever gone on the Missouri. They saw herds of buffalo of 10,000!
  • River

    The captains name a river Sah-ca-gah-we-a after a Snake woman they met on the way. As they mapped new territory the captains give names to every expediton member to a landmark.
  • End of expidition

    End of expidition
    The expidition is finally over after two years! The U.S has finally has explored their new land called Louisiana. They finally knew what they bought from the French.