• election

    JFK elected for democratic party. beat Nixon by a close margin
  • military armament

    military armament
    JFK ordered 1000 ICBMs , 32 Submarines, and 656 Missiles
  • Summit meeting

    Summit meeting
    Krushchev met with JFK in Vienna to discuss Berlin and the need for peace
  • containing Vietnam

    containing Vietnam
    JFK declined Diems proposal of US involvment in South Vietnam but did agree to an increase in finalcial and military aide to the nation
  • Cuban attack

    Cuban attack
    1400 cuban exiles, trained by the CIA, attacked the shores of Cuba. they were forced to surrender by Castro
  • defense of berlin

    defense of berlin
    JFk delivered an address odrering a series of arms increases including $3 billion more in defense spending
  • Berlin Wall

    Krushchev began building the wall to split Berlin perminantly from East and West. in order to keep intelegence and talent from going to the west half
  • Cuban Missle Crisis

    Cuban Missle Crisis
    Cuba began a massive arms increase in order to defend Castro. the US was in fear of a possible attack from Cuba
  • University of Missippi

    University of Missippi
    James Meridith sought admission at U of Mississippi. the governor refused the boys admission but presidential intervention made him accept.
  • Baker v. Carr

    Baker v. Carr
    supreme court ruled that Tennessee had to redistribute its legeslative seats to give citizens in Memphis equal representation
  • segregation stopped

    segregation stopped
    ICC banned segregation in all interstate terminals and buses
  • U-2

    an american U-2 flew over Cuba and brought back pictures of the missle sights almost completed
  • JFK speach

    JFK speach
    the president informed the american citizens of the situation in cuba as well as the plan to stop it
  • Diems' overthrow

    Diems' overthrow
    kennedy approved a coup that led to the overthrow of Diem. causing an increased need of US intervention
  • peace making

    peace making
    JFK met with the soviet ambassedor as a last chance to avoid nuclear war
  • Limited test ban treaty

    Limited test ban treaty
    outlawed test in the atmosphere while still permitting them underground
  • Birmingham protest

    Birmingham protest
    led by MLK, police violence toward the peaceful protesters caused JFK to intervene. he ordered the police violence to stop and granted the protesters most of their demands
  • march on washington

    march on washington
    more than 200,000 marchers gathered for a day long rally in front of the lincoln memorial where they listened to hymns, speeches, and prayers for racial justice.
  • JFK assassonation

    JFK assassonation
    on a motorcade in downtown Dallas, JFK was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Civil rights act

    Civil rights act
    made it illegal to segregate blacks in any public facility, established an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to lesson racial discrimination in employment, and protected the voting rights of African Americans