cold war

By weirygp
  • Nato and warsaw pact

    Nato and warsaw pact
    us and canada and 9 other countries formed an alliance they pledged to help each other if any of them were attcked
  • Period: to

    nuclear arms race and detent

  • chinese civil war

  • communist

  • warsaw pact

    warsaw pact
    soviet union responded to nato by forming it's own aliance called the warsaw pact. soviets resorted to keep their satellites in order
  • fidel castro took over the country

  • berlin wall

    berlin wall
    Berlin was split into 2 sections - west berlin being democratic. east berlin beingcommunist
  • missle

  • americans and soviet arms control agreament

  • soviets inafghanistan

    soviets became in volved in a long war.
  • Period: to

    eastern evropean independence

    poland held its first free election