Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God

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    Their Eyes Were Watching Her

    A drama set in the 1920s, where free-spirited Janie Crawford's search for happiness leads her through several different marriages, challenging the morals of her small town.
  • Life Changed At Sixteen

    Janie, the main character is 16 when she fist kisses her crush, Johnny Taylor. Nanny, Janie's grandmother then comes to tell her she has to marry an older man, Logan Killicks.
  • Don't Be A Mule

    Janie protests the marriage, but Nanny tells her she has no choice. She says black women are on mules to the world and she doesn't want Janie to be a mule.
  • Nanny's Story

    Nanny tells Janie the story of her life. She states how she was raped by her slave master. She had their baby, Leafy, and escaped to hide in the swamps until the Civil War was over. Leafy, also got raped, and had Janie. Leafy ran off and left Janie w/ Nanny. Nanny's dream is for Janie to not end up like her and Leafy.
  • Marriage One

    Janie marries Logan, assumes love will come along eventually. The wedding is very elaborate. Two months later, Janie visits Nanny because that love hasn't come yet.
  • Marriage Two

    Janie and Logan fight. She tells him she will never love him and she runs off to indeed marry Joe. They then get married and move to Florida.
  • The Falling

    Logan wants Janie to perform manual labor. Logan believes she is becoming spoiled and not doing "a women's role." He goes out to find another mule. During his outing, Janie uses it as an opportunity to to catch the attention of attractive Joe Starks. Two weeks later, Joe wants Janie to leave Logan, marry him, and run off to Florida, where he'll be the mayor of a new town for blacks.
  • Mayor's Pride and Pain

    Joe, as the mayor of Eatonville builds a post office, a store, buys more land, and a city street lamp. A townsperson wants Janie to give a speech but Joe says, "wives don't make speeches." Even though this comment bothers Janie, she lets it go. After a while, the town people grow a part and Janie is now only seen as the object of respect or jealousy. They envy her wonderful built new home, as it looks as if they are hiding the town's money within themselves.
  • The Life She Loved is Now Hated

    Janie hates running the store but finds some relief through the people who sit on its porch telling stories. Joe has told Janie to wear a head-rag. He doesn't tell her why but it is b/c he hates when other men look at her hair. They then begin to always argue, Janie tells him he is no fun. Their sex life has no spark and the love has left the marriage. One day, Joe slaps Janie after a dinner argument.
  • Feeling Defeated

    Janie feels more and more defeated. Tired of fighting, she begins to silently do whatever Joe tells her to. Joe, growing old and saggy, brings his frustrations out on Janie more and more. Because of all the verbal abuse, Janie moves into another room in the house. A doctor from Orlando determines that Joe's kidney's have stopped working and that he will soon die. Janie begins to feel pity for Joe, even though he is still an angry person. He dies.
  • Head-Rag Off!

    Janie takes off her head-rag seeing that she too have aged but still feels beautiful. She feels free, her hair finally flowing. She is free.
  • All White Happiness

    Joe has an elaborate funeral. Janie is happy on the inside but shows sadness. Janie is so free that she has no desire for another man. As a tradition, six months after Joe's death, Janie begins to wear white, signaling that she's available for suitors.
  • The Man Who Lives Life

    Janie meets Tea Cake. They begin to spend vast amounts of time together Even though the people of Eatonville don't agree with their relationship, they still run off to get married in the Everglades. Janie finally has someone who loves her for who she is and teaches her how to be happy again.
  • Life of Love

    Time goes on and Janie continues to be in love with Tea Cake. Living in Eatonville has been a breath of fresh air for her. Instead of being the wife of the rich, Tea Cake provides her a home where the entire community comes to their house to hang out and listen to him play music
  • Aint Taking My Man!

    Nunkie, a fat girl, who flirts with Tea Cake, begins to make Janie jealous. She falls on him and playfully touches him. Janie finds the two of them wrestling and tries to hit him, but he pushes her off. Their wild argument turns into wild sex.
  • The Dog is the Storm

    A storm takes over the Everglades. The next day there are several people dead throughout the town. During the storm, Tea Cake gets bit by a dog.
  • Dog Paranoid

    Tea Cake becomes sick, as he is unable to eat. He sees a doctor that tells him he has rabies, from a dog that bit hiim. Tea Cake's illness makes him paranoid. He accuses Janie of flirting with Mrs. Turner's brother and Dr. Simmons. She finds a pistol under the pillow, loaded with three bullets.
  • Crazy Overload

    During an argument, Tea Cake pulls out the pistol. He fires it but it's on an empty chamber. Janie grabs the rifle to scare him. She shoots him.
  • Testimony Burial

    Janie is put on trial. In the courtroom she gives a powerful testimony about her life, her different loves, and how she truly loved Tea Cake. She is found innocent. She later gives Tea Cake a wonderful funeral.
  • Her Return

    Janie, not being able to stay in the Everglades without becoming sad about Tea Cake, returns to Eatonville. She only takes a package of seeds to plant in rememberance of him. She runs into her friend, Phoeby, and begins telling her the adventure of her life.
  • At Peace

    Lastly, Janie lays in bed thinking about her life. She finally realizes Tea Cake will always be with her, as he was the one who showed her how to live happily. She is at peace.