Us independence

BARRATT- Shayne Walls- Rev War

  • British Retret from Boston

    The British army moved from Boston in march 1776, brining the war into the midle states. The British planned to stop the rebelion by cutting off New England and seizing New York City.
  • France helps America

    The French help colonist by supplying them with goods and weapons.
  • The French Help the American's

    The French, still upset after loosng to the British in the French and Indian War, secretly help the colonist and give them weapons and suplies to fight the British.
  • British Invade New York- Summer of 1776

    Brothers General William Howe and Admiral Richard Howe joined forces and led 32,000 british soldiers ito the New York harbor.
  • Washington Defeated

    Even though Washington rallied over 23,000 American troops, he was still out-numbered. Most ofhis troops were untrained and easily defeated. The American's eventually retreated fllowing a string of losses.
  • American's Retreat- Fall 1776

    The British pushed Washington's army across the Delaware river by late fall 1776. Fewer than 8,000 of Washington's men were left, and the end of their enlistment was Dec 31st. Washington desperatly needed a win to keep them motivated.
  • Crossing the Delaware

    Crossing the Delaware
    Washington and his men crossed the Delaware river Christmas night.
  • Ambush at Trenton

    The next morning the American troops marchd nine miles to Trenton. The colonist ambushd the Hessians, killing 30 and capturing 918 captives.
  • Another Victory for the Rebelion

    The Americans won another battle just eight days after their victory at Trenton. Washington and his men were pleased, and headed for Morristown in northern New Jersey.
  • Spring of 1777

    In spring of 1777, general Howe began his campaign t seize Philadelphia. The British captured Philadelphia, despite the resistance of Washington's troopps.
  • Victory at Saratoga

    American troops gathered, and surrounded the British at Saratoga. The British surrendered to General Gates on Oct 17th 1777
  • Period: to

    Valley Forge

    Valley Forge was the Continental Camp that Washington and hismen spent the winter at. The winter was harsh however and many men died.
  • Fance makes Peace with America

    The French sign a treaty with America, stating that France will not make peace with Britain until Britain reconizes America's independance.
  • New Alliances

    General Washington gets help for a Purssian drillmaster to train the continental army.
  • Period: to

    Operations Shift

    After being defeated at Saratoga, the British change their war strategiezes.
  • British Move South

    After being defeated at Saratoga, the British change their military strategy and move south.
  • The British take Savannah

    The British easily took Savannah Georgia by the end of 1778.
  • Period: to

    Command in Georgia

    The Royal government commanded Georgia
  • The British Rule the South Again

    A royal governor takes control of Georgia yet again.
  • French Assistants

    The French also help the American's by bringing in French reinforcements.
  • The British capture the south

    General Clinton along with General Cornwallis won the greatest battle of the war at Charles Town in May 1780.
  • French Reinforcements arive

    In 1780, a French army of 6,000 arrive in Newport.
  • Cornwallis Prevails

    General Cornwallis continues to succesfully lead the British army, joining with African American slaves.
  • The British Build Forts

    Within just three months of capturing Camde, South Carolina, Cornwallis had already established several British forts across the state.
  • British Loss in the south

    The American and British forces finally come togethr and battle at Cowpens, South Carolina in January 1781. The British eventually surrendered.
  • Cornwallis Attacks

    Angered by his loss at Cowpens, Cornwallis attacks Greene two months later. Cornwallis won, but his army was damaged.
  • Greene Needs Help

    General Greene writes a letter to Laayette asking for help and is worried about the battle for the south.
  • New Finance

    The Congress appointed Robert Morris ass superintemdant of finace in 1781. Him an his assocate HaymSalomon fought to pay the continental army.
  • The Army is finally paid

    Morris and Salmon's work paid off in Sep 1781 when the troops of the Continental army were finally paid in spwcie or gold coins.
  • British Surrender

    General Cornwallis, his army greatly outnumbered by American and French troop, surrenders at Yorktown.
  • The British Surrender

    The British Surrender
    French and American soldiers gathered to witness the formal British surrender on Oct 19th 1781
  • Peace Talks

    Peace talks, with British, American, French and Spanish representatives join to look out for their own nations.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    In September 1783, the delegates from thePeace meetings signed th Treaty of Paris. This treaty confirmed U.S indipendance and set boundries in the new nation.