Roaring twenties

1920's Timeline

  • Red Scare

    Red Scare
    People feared socialist revolution and political radicalism
  • Period: to


  • 18th Amendment

    18th Amendment
    The Voistead Act enforced the 18th amendment which prohibited alcohol. criminals like Al Capone sold alcohol illegaly.
  • Volstead Act

    Volstead Act
    Enabled legislation for the 18th amendment. It was first vetoed by Woodrow Wilson but was overturned by the House of Represenatives.
  • Palmer Raids

    Palmer Raids
    Attempt of the United States government to arrest and deport foreign radicals and anarchists
  • Palmer Raids

    Palmer Raids
    Palmer Raids end
  • Sacco and Vanzetti Trial

    Sacco and Vanzetti Trial
    Two itallian imigrant anarchists were convicted of murdering two men during a 1920 armed robbery. They were found guilty and were executed in 1927.
  • 19th Amendment

    19th Amendment
    Gave women in the United States the right to vote. It was ratified durring Woodrow Wilsons Presidency
  • Teapot Dome Affair

    Teapot Dome Affair
    President Warren G. Harding was caught in a bribery scandle. The scandle began by Wyoming Democratic senator John Kendrick
  • Scopes Trial

    Scopes Trial
    Legal case in 1925 when a high school biology teacher was accused of teaching evolution in class. He was found guilty but the case was later overturned on a technicality.
  • Charles Lindbergh Crosses the Atlantic

    Charles Lindbergh Crosses the Atlantic
    He was only 25 years old when he flew solo from Long Island, New York to Paris, France
  • National Origins Act

    National Origins Act
    Federal law that limited the number of immigrants who could be admited from any country to 2% of the number of people from that country in the United States at that time.
  • First Talking Movie The Jazz Singer Released

    First Talking Movie The Jazz Singer Released
    Musical film is the first feature length movie with diologue. It was produced by Barner Bros.
  • Red Scare

    Red Scare
    Red Scare ends
  • Stock Market Crash

    Stock Market Crash
    The thursday through tuesday of that week were called black thursday and black tuesday. The economy was growing rapidly between 1920 and October 1929 when the stock market crashed
  • Herbert Hoover Elected President

    Herbert Hoover Elected President
    31st president of the United States. Republican. His term lasted from 1929-1933. He was the president durring the Great Depression