barratt- lindsey armour- rev. war

  • Period: to

    secretly sent weapons

    the french secretly send weapons to the patriots after the bitterness from their defeat by the british in the french and indian war
  • moving to the middle states

    british had retreated from boston moving the theater of the war to the middle states
  • Period: to

    forces combine

    General Howe and admiral Howe join forces on Staten Island and sailed into the New York harbor
  • the chaotic withdrawl

    Michael Graham a Continental Army volunteer described the chaotic withdrawl
  • push Washington into Pennsylvania

    british had pushed Washington's army across the Delaware river into Pennsylvania
  • a bold strike

    washington resolved to risk everything on one bold strike against the hessians
  • battle of trenton

    battle of trenton
    washington's men march nine miles through sleet and snow to trenton, new jersey
  • ending of enlistment

    fewer than eight thousand men remained under washington's comman and their enlistment ended on this date
  • another victory

    americans were rallied by another victory against 1,200 british stationed at princeton
  • Period: to

    to seize the american capital

    general howe began his campaign to seize the american capital at philadelphia
  • americans surround burgoyne

    massed american troops finally surrounded burgoyne at saratoga where he surrenderede his battered army to general gates
  • Period: to

    valley forge

    valley forge outside of pennsylvania served as the site of the Continental Army's camp
  • treaty of cooperation

    the french recognized american independence and signed an alliance of cooperation with the americans
  • a troop transformation

    in the midst of the frozen winter at valley forge the american troops began a transformation
  • Period: to

    changing british strategy

    british change their military strategy
  • Period: to

    british takes savannah

    a british expedition easily took savannah, georgia
  • Period: to

    a young lafayette joins washington

    marquis de lafayette joined washington's staff and lobbied for french backups in france and led a command in virginia
  • Period: to

    royal governor in georgia

    a royal governor once again commanded georgia
  • sail south

    general henry clinton, who had replaed howe in new york, along with general charles cornwallis sailed south with 8,500 men.
  • british capture charles town

    the british capture charles town, south carolina and marched 5,500 american soldiers off as prisoners of war
  • british smash americans

    cornwallis's army smashed american forces ar camden, south carolina
  • british establish

    the british establisged forts across tge state of south carolina
  • the redcoats surrender

    when the forces met at cowpens, south carolina, the british expected the outnumbered americans to flee but the continental army fought back, and forced the redcoats to surrender
  • superintendent of finance

    the congress appoint a rich philadelphia merchant named robert morris as superintendent of finance
  • british weaken

    greene had weakened the british, so he wrote a letter to lafayette asking for help
  • troops finally paid

    due to morris and solomon the troops were finally paid in specie or gold coin
  • the white flag raises

    the white flag raises
    with cornwallis's troops outnumbered by more than two to one and texhausted from constant shelling, cornwallis finally surrendered with a white flag.
  • formal british surrender

    virginia militia stood with the american and french armies lining a road near yorktown, virginia to witness the formal british surrender. washington, french generals and their troops assembled to accept the british surrender
  • Period: to

    peace talks begin

    peace talks begin in paris
  • treaty of paris

    treaty of paris
    the delegates signed the treaty of paris, which confirmed U.S independence and set boundaries of the new nation