Barratt-Josh Amato-rev.war

By jamato5
  • French and Americans

    Still outraged the French were secretly helpping the Americans against the British
  • Retreat From Boston

    During this time the British retreated from Boston to the middle states.
  • Period: to

    Joining Forces

    General Willam Howe and Admiral Richard Howe join forces on staten islan with 32,000 British soldiers (the most ever) On the other hand Washington rallied 23,000 men to New Yorks defense but the Americans were vastly outnumbered.
  • Defeat in New York

    The British significantly outnumbered the colonist, thus they fled in fear.
  • Shipping to Philadelphia

    The British pushed Washington and his army across the Delaware river back to philadelphia. Most of his army was killed and less then 8000 men remained after starting off with 23000 men.
  • Christmas on the Delaware

    Christmas on the Delaware
    Washington and 2,400 other men sailed over the icy Delaware river to surprise attack the Hessians.
  • Battle of Trenton

    Washington and his men marched nine miles through sleet and snow to Trenton. When they arrived most of the Hessians had drank to much and werent ready for the colonist. The Americans killed 30 and took 918 captive and 6 Hessian cannons, in a victory.
  • Another Victory

    8 days after beating the British the Americans were back at it. They faced 1200 British stationed at Princeton. Encouraged by these victories Washington and his army marched to a winter camp near Morristown.
  • Period: to

    Fighting for Philadelphia

    Howe rallied his men to seize Americans capital Philadelphia. Washington and his men were unable to hold off the red coats and the British captured Philadelphia with this win.
  • Battle At Saratoga

    Battle At Saratoga
    The British appointed General Burgyone to help them win this battle. They set out with 4,000 redcoats, 3,000 mercanaries and 1,000 mohawk.But lost several hunderd men not aware that Genearl Howe wasnt coming to meet.
    On the other hand the continental armies appoied General Gates to command them. He defeated many British when they first clashed. Finally, many americans surrounded Bugyone at Saratoga and he surrendered.
  • Period: to

    Valley Forge

    Valley forge, outside Philadelphia, is a camp where the colonist are waiting out the winter in freezing weather.
  • A Turning Point

    Due to the win at Saratoga France agreed to help Americans gain their independence. According to terms the French werent going to agree peace with the British unless they recognized the Americans indpendence.
  • Return to Valley Forge

    in the midst of the frozen winter at Valley forge the American troops began an amazing transformation.
  • Molly Pitcher

    Molly Pitcher took her husbands place on the cannonand afterwards Washington appointed her noncomissioned officer fro her bravery at the Battale of Monmouth, New Jersey.
  • Changing ways

    After a devastating defeat at Saratoga the British changed their military stratagy.
  • British Back at it

    a British expedition easily took over Savannah, Georgia.
  • Marquis de Lafayette

    A brave young French aristocrat offeres his assistance to the American to help train them.
  • Royal Governor

    A royal Governor once again commanded Geogia.
  • Victory

    In their great victory the British captured Charles Town, South Carolina and marched 5500 Americans off to a prison.
  • Clashing

    General Henry Clinton clashes with Charles Cornwallis to sail south with 8500 men.
  • Cornwallis

    For most of 1780 Cornwallis succeeded as the Britis general.
  • French Arrive

    A French Army of 6000 land in New Port, Rohde Island after the British left to focus on the south.
  • Continental Army Fights Back

    The British expected the Americans to flee but the Continental Army faught back and forced the Red coats to surrender.
  • Letter of Help

    Worried about the fight Greene sent a letter to Lafayette for help.
  • Surrender

    With his troops outnumbered 2 to 1 and exhausted from Cornwallis finally raised the white flag. 2 days later a triumphant Washington and the French gathered to accept the surrender.
  • Yorktown

    Colonal Willaim Fontaine stood with the American and French armies to witne ss the surrender of the British.
  • Peace Talk begins

    Peace talk begins ing Paris.
  • Treaty Of Paris

    the delegates signed theTreaty of Paris which confirmed the US's independence.