Barratt-Matthew Brizuela-Rev. War

By poh629
  • Period: to

    French Supply Americans

    France had secretly supplied Americans with weapons since the French and Indian War.
  • British retreat from Boston

    British retreat from Boston to attempt to isolate New England.
  • Defeat In New York

    General and Admiral Howe push Washington's forces across Delaware river from New York
  • Battle of Trenton

    General George Washington begins suprise attack on Trenton
  • Battle of Trenton

    Battle of Trenton
    Washington's troops battle drunken Hessians and force their surrender.
  • Enlistment of Washington's troops ends

    Washington's troops' contracts were finished after December 31st but he needed a victory from his men from going home.
  • Period: to

    Fight for Philadelphia

    General Howe begins campaign to seize American capital, Philadelphia.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    Battle of Saratoga
    Continental Army cuts off British reinforcements that changed British strategy drastically.
  • Period: to

    Valley Forge

    Valley Forge was established in Winter of 1777 through 1778.
  • French and Americans sign treaty

    French and Americans sign a treaty of alliance between France and America
  • Friedrich von Steuben helps Americans

    A Prussian captain and drillmaster helps train the Continental Army
  • Period: to

    British change their strategy

    After the defeat at Saratoga, the British change their strategy
  • Winter at Valley Forge

    The Continental Army suffered harsh conditions of the wintertime at Valley Forge by exposure and frostbite
  • British take Savannah,Georgia

    A British expedition leads to the British seizing Savannah, Georgia
  • Marquis de Lafayette offers assistance to Continental Army

    The French aristrotcrat helps the Continental Army by lobbying for French reinforcements
  • Governor of Georgia

    After the seize of Georgia, the British appoint a governor for Georgia.
  • British victory

    The British capture Charles Town, SC and march 5,500 American soldiers as POWs
  • Charles Cornwallis takes command

    Cornwallis takes command of British forces to conquer South and NC
  • French land in Rhode Island

    The French army lands in Rhode Island after the British leave for the South
  • Cornwallis's army smash American forces

    Cornwallis' Army smashes American forces at Camden, South Carolina.
  • Period: to

    British forts established across SC

    British army establish British forts across SC to destroy American forces in South Carolina.
  • Continental Army and British Army fight

    The Continental Army and British Army fight each other in Cowpens, South Carolina and the Continental Army forces surrender on British.
  • Nathanael Greene writes to Lafayette

    Nathanael Greene, a Continental general, writes a letter to Marquis de Lafayette asking for help
  • Robert Morris and Haym Salomon provide salaries for Army

    Robert Morris and Haym Salomon provided salaries for the soldiers of the Continental Army with specie, or gold coins
  • Battle of Yorktown begins

    Battle of Yorktown begins
    The battle in Yorktown begins betweent the France and America against Great Britain.
  • The British surrender at Yorktown

    After being shelled by Continental Army day and night, British raise the white flag.
  • British lay down their arms to Americans

    After being shelled day and night, the British surrender at Yorktown.
  • Peace talks in Paris

    Peace talks between The United States, Britain, France, and Spain begin. They try to negotiate with each other trying to find each nation's interests.
  • Treaty of Paris is signed

    The American delegates sign the Treaty of Paris which confirmed US independence.