The Internet

By 997771
  • Creation

    The first connecting networks were created at the US's 4 major universities, so that they may transport information to eachother digitally.
  • The Word

    The word "Internet" is used for the first time
  • Apple

    Apple introduces the Macintosh
  • Quantum Computer Services

    Quantum Computer Services
    Quantum Computer Services, which later changes its name to America Online, debuts. It offered E-mail, news, and other information.
  • Virus

    The first internet virus is spread and shuts down 10% of the worlds Internet
  • White House

    White House
    The white house launches its website ""
  • Windows 95

    Windows 95
    Windows 95 is released
  • Google

    Google opens its first office in California.
  • Apple Music

    Apple Music
    Apple introduced iTunes, a way to purchase songs online for 99 cents.
  • Youtube

    Youtube is launched