100 Years of Health Legislation Reform in the US

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    Legislation for Free Medical Care

    Labor organizations introduced legislation for free medical care and other benefits. Congree ultimately did not pass any of the leglislation regarding these issues.
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    Roosevelt SSA

    Roosevelt attempts to include national health insurance as a parr of the Social Security Act. The proposal was ultimately withdrawn for political reasons.
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    Truman advocated for National Health Insurance

    Truman introduced bill for National Health Insurance, but bill was never passed.
  • Kennedy Attempts Medicare

    Kennedy attempts to pass a Medicare bill to benefit the elderly, but this bill was not passed because it was opposed by the American MEdical Association.
  • Johnson Re-attemps Kennedy's Policies

    Medicare and Medicaid are signed into law.
  • Nixon's Attempt at National Health Care

    National Health Care was defeated, but Medicare was extended to include the disabilities program.
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    Reagan's Impact on Health Care

    Disabled children are added to the Medicaid plan, HMOs are promoted heavily
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    Bush Sr. Analyzes Current HMO

    Health care spending increases steadily, Bush imposes harsh cost-cutting by curtailing services of HMOs. All businesses required to insure workers or contribute to cost coverage of self-purchased insurance.
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    Clinton proposes Health Security Act

    Health Security Act proposed. Insurers cannot deny coverage due to preexsisting conditions, further employer-mandated assistance, etc.
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    Bush Jr Addresses Prescription Drug Coverage

    Medicare includes prescription drug coverage with many benefits to drug companies. Administrative costs continue to skyrocket.
  • Obama & "Obamacare"

    Obama passes Affordable Care Act and makes amendments in Health Care and Education REconcilliation Act. Highly controversial. ACA includes a federal mandate on having health insurance.