10 people who changed the medical world

  • Period: to

    21st Century

  • Dr. Kenneth

    Dr. kenneth was the first ever doctor to invent and create a very detailed relistic artifical liver.
  • Francisco Guerra

    Fancisco Guerra invented the date rape drug spotter which has saved millions of lives and helped rape investigations worldwide.
  • Ortho McNeil Pharmacy

    McNeil and all his Colleague invented a patch for birth Control to replace the pill and more protecting results.
  • Janus Friis and Niklias Zennstrom

    Janus and Niklias are the sole creaters of Skype a very popular video chat. Not only do kids talk to one another but doctors can do a surgery with help from another doctor around the world.
  • Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim

    Steve, Chad, and Jawed are the very sucessful inventors of Youtube. Sure it used to make people famous and watch funny videos. For doctors however its used to teach a class or show a live surgery.
  • D'Zhana Simmons

    14 year old ms Simmons lived 118 days without a heart at all while waiting for a new heart to transplant.
  • Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs released the iPad which is greatly used in hospitals as a portable computer and a great way to show results to a paitent.
  • Michelle Obama

    First Lady is changeing the way children eat all over with a hunger free act and a whole new lunch menu
  • Barack Obama

    Mr. President passed the obama Care which garuntees that everyone person must have insurance and that ObamaCare is there for the poor.
  • Chris Bruce

    Chris Bruce invented the Sproutling baby monitor which as been used to save a babies life from SIDS all over, The only problem is this monitor is expensive to make therefore expensive to buy.