10 Events That Effected Me

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    My Life Span and the Internet

  • The World Wide Web is launched

    The World Wide Web is launched
    Tim Berners Lee launched WWW (World Wide Wed) in 1990, he established the first successful communication between a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) client and server by use of the Internet.
    I use the internet everyday for school, work and freetime and I honestly think I would be lost without it.
  • MP3 Becomes A Standard

    MP3 Becomes A Standard
    The MP3 file formart became the standard formart and later was became the popular format to share music.
  • The First Webpage

    The First Webpage
    The first web page was created with the purpose of explaining what the World Wide Web was.
    Webpages are the main part of the internet. Every URL I type in a new webpage.
  • The First Webcam

    The First Webcam
    At Cambridge University's computer lab, the first webcam was used for sole purpose was to monitor a particular coffee maker so that lab users could avoid wasted trips to an empty coffee pot.
    Everyday, webcams are used to communicate for business meetings, family members cities apart or friends overseas.
  • The First Webmail Service

    The First Webmail Service
    Hotmail, the first webbased e-mail service, is launched. Today we get the HTML link from the Hotmail name.
    Where would we be with out public and free e-mail? How would I contact my teachers, sign-up for new websites, send my aunts and uncles the pictures of the events they weren't able to see?
  • Google.com

    Google search engine, now the most used search engine on the internet, is launched. This search engince is used everyday to search though all the information available on the web, from everything to recipes to contractors to celebrity news.
    I use google almost everyday. It puts the informations of the internet at my fingertips.
  • Wi-Fi

    Wi-Fi is a popular technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data wirelessly (using radio waves) over a computer network, including high-speed Internet connections. In 1999, the Wi-Fi Alliance was formed as a trade association to hold the Wi-Fi trademark under which most products are sold.
    Without WIFI how could I use my IPhone? What about taking the laptop out on the back porch to enjoy the weather outside while I work?
  • Itunes Store Opens

    Itunes Store Opens
    Apple Corporations opens Itunes store. Now one of the main music purchusing sites available. Music, movies, audio books, albums, and different types of media are all available for purchuse everyday.
    Almost every month I check for the top selling songs, purchase new ones and just browse on this online music store.
  • Facebook is launched.

    Facebook is launched.
    The Facebook is launched, orignally only open to college students, the site is now one of the most used social networking sites.
    I use facebook almost all the time to contact my unlces and aunts that have moved away in the recent years. The elementary school friends and just stay in the social loop.
  • Apple's IPhone

    Apple's IPhone
    The IPhone, created by the Apple Corporation, was launched for the public on this day. It became almost wholly responsible for renewed interest in mobile web applications and design.
    My IPhone is always with me. If it's not there is something wrong. Texting my friends, coordinating with my mom, letting work know my schedules for the week. Everyday, all day this device is part of me.