0-3 Physical developement

  • Infatncy 0-3years Intellectual developement

    At this age babies start dealing with the world,they should know at least six words by 18 moths.then by 1 yr they should be able to name simple objects, then by 2 yrs put 3 words together into a single sentences ,then by 3 yrs they should be understandable also able to speak in complet sentences. because language development is aspect of of intellectual development.They should start Interact with the environment, remember things and learn about themselves.this refer to development of the mind.
  • Physical development 0-3

    At this age babies need to be looked after, they have very little muscular co-ordination. Soon the muscle begin to strengthen, allow babies moving ;bigin with the head and moving throught the neck, trunk,arms and final the legs .They can grasp objects (4 monrths),then sit up without support,then start crawl (8 months), them walk (1 yr).
  • Social and emotionaldevelopment infant 0-3

    At this age children can express feeling,can go to nursery or playground. Babies should be able to develop social relationships autside their families through play also share time with other children (3y )they can share toys .They depend completely to their parents(cares) and other family members to meet their needs such us food, warmth,shelter and safety.They develop strong attachment to them and start to trust them. Children express emotions through play by praising a doll,facial expression...
  • 4 to 9 Physical development

    Children body proportions begin to be more adult, growth continues to be rapid,they start to build control of the body,they learn to be more independent,they need opportunities to develop independence in all aspects physical needs such us eating,drinking,cleaning their teeth,washing their hands.At this age children can tying shoes,then playing music, run,jump,decorating a cake,throwing a ball, playing musical instrument, gymnastics, (muscles are now stronger),move from child hood to adult hood.
  • 4 to 9 Inrellectual development

    At this age children start school.Children develop this at school;language development, use mumber ,learning to read & write, they can thing about what they say,can carry logical activities,they need to see concret object in order to understand them,they become fluent in languages and interest in reading, they can use grammar and may develop vocabulary; they start to develop ability to think about objects that are not in front ofthem.Their intellectual needs are met by school attendances.
  • 4 to 9 years emotionalo and social development

    At this stage children make up complex games with others,they begin to be more independent ,thet need relationship but friendsarw often within same-sex groups. They can interact with others,develop the ability to talk about their feelings example:I feel sad,they begin to deal with jalousy, frustraction,show signs of compassion and start to appreciate views of other.
    On this age they still depend on their cares for them to meet their needs, they need emotional security environment.
  • 10-18 physical

    Adolescent is the stage during wich we move from child hood to adult hood. we are biologically able to reproduce. Many changes take place during puberty,chamicals in body called hormones.
    Girl :breast bevelopment,body becomes more curvy,gets her period, breastes,then body odour,then spots,increase weight, can have body shape,ovaries release eggs.
    Boy: grow of penis,testes produces,voice cracks when he is talking;they start to think that they are independent,testosterone,muscle development,
  • 10-18 Emotional and social developpement

    Teenager become less dependent on family for emotional support, teenagers alternate from behaving like like children and then behaving as adults, they need love, affection , friendship,they want feel wanted,respect,they need enjoy good relatioinship; their relationships results in feelings of physical attraction to others, they need feel accepted in community; they become progressively independent but they still need emotionally secure environmet ,they aften feel misunderstood.
  • Period: to

    19-65 Phisical

    Need help with the activities of daily life,can have choldren,need exercise,helthy food,flexibility reduces,menopause begins, over 50 years old they need rest,oxygen, warmth.
  • Period: to

    10-18 Physical development

    we move from childhood to adulthood,the body change to puberty,we are able to reproduce,weit increases, boys and girls begin to change and look different as they grow into young men and women.
  • Period: to

    19-65 years inellectual development

    continue with education academic or vocational,can go for work,development of other new skills,mind need to be kept active,
  • Period: to

    19-65 Emotional and social development

    Need to be loved and find friends to have good relationship,affection from others,safety also security needs,respect, freedom,stability,good feeling.
  • 65+intellectual

    Same lost of memory,get reading glasses,they can still contribute to society , at this stage they become retire,most of them act as advicers because they have long life experience.
  • 65+Intellectual development

    play scrable,learn to play music instrument,mental stimulation,most of them act as advisors due to long life experience,volontary work; they still contribute to our society in a positive way, less able to solve problems quickly.
  • Period: to

    65+ physical development

    retire from work, the end of stage of life,lost of memory, difficult of reading,at this age people start dealing with same sort of desability because they are not able to do same things they did when they were yoounger
  • Period: to

    65+emotional +social developmemt

    Mental stimilation ,less able to solve problems,less flexible ,social isolation if families do not live near and parteners and friends die ,health probles make difficult to get out.
  • 65+ Emotional+social development

    They need mental stimilation,they become less able to solve problems,less flexible,volonaire work,social isolation if families do not live near and parteners and friends die,health problems make difficult to get out.
  • Emotional developpement 0-3 years

    children start playground, interest of having friends , successfull relationship with parent ,at this stage children are more sensitive to others feelings,they can share toys,they can take turns when playing,
  • 10-18 Intellectual developpement

    At this stage people start to think about long term futures, they can also thunk about immediate; can develop problem solving skills, ideas about religion,they are able to thing about politic.
  • 19-65 pysical development

    retire from work,the end of stage of life,lost of memory, difficult of reading, at this age people start dealing with same sort of disability because they are not able to do same things they did when they were younger.
  • Final stage of life.physical development

    Unable to do anything,can't eat by themselves,same do feel pain in their body,often it becomes difficult to awaken because of the change in the body metabolism;they become incontinent,they need support whith sitting,get fed through greps,they begin to lose same function of the boby.
  • final stages of life. social+emotinal developement

    The end of of stage of life is the death, all older people will have to deal with same sort of disability. Same people feel sad because they are going to die, same have positive attitudes; more free time,less money; they have lost their work role they feel less value and lonely;memory loss; slower movement, decrease appetite,constipation;psychological symptoms such as intolerant of others, nervous feelings.