Zeytinli rock festivali 5

Music And Food Festival

By scyteg
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    Zeytinli Rock Festıval,GezginFest Istanbul, BigFest İstanbul

    Zeytinli Rock Festival is happens in Erdemit-Akçay Beach. it has happened 6 times.
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    GezginFest Istanbul

    GezginFest Istanbul is a festival with 2021 event to be hosted by world-famous artists; aims to make a difference with electronic music, rap, indie and alternative styles. has happened 6 times and won 3 awards.Teoman,maNga,Kadebostany and Selda Bağcan hosted.
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    Hamsi Festival

    Rize Days – Anchovy Festival organized by Sultangazi Rizeliler Association is held in Sultangazi Istanbul and includes a lot of cooked anchovies.
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    BigFest Istanbul

    it happens in LifePark Istanbul, It is a music festival where valuable surprise artists such as Duman, Ceza, Adamlar and Anıl Piyancı take the stage.