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Zdeno Chara

  • First Event

    First Event
    Born in Czechoslovakia
  • Second Event

    Drafted into the American Hockey Leugue by the New York Islanders
  • Third Event

    Played for the Lowell Lock Monsters
  • Fourth Event

    Drafted by and played for the New York Islanders in the NHL
  • Fifth Event

    Singed a contract with the Ottawa Senators in the National Hockey League
  • Seventh Event

    Played again for the Ottawa Senators
  • Eighth Event

    Eighth Event
    Signed a 37.5 millon dollar contract with th Boston Bruins
  • Ninth Event

    Ninth Event
    Played in the Winter Ice Hockey Olympics and won two silver medals
  • Tenth Event

    Tenth Event
    Played again for the Boston Bruins
  • Sixth Event

    Led his team to victory in the Stanley Cup finals against the Canucks