Yucca mountain

Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository

  • The atomic energy act

    The atomic energy act
    Congress passed this act with the understanding that the disposal of the highly radioactive waste produced would be the responsibility of the government.
  • Deep disposal

    Deep disposal
    The national academey of sciences recommends deep geological disposal of radoactive waste
  • Deep disposal approved

    Deep disposal approved
    The Department of Energy selects deep geological disposal of nuclear waste as the prefered alternative
  • Site nominations

    Site nominations
    The DOE nominates five repository sites and selects three western sites, one being Nevada.
  • postponing repository siting

    postponing repository siting
    The DOE postpones the repository siting, violating the Nuclear Waste Policy Act.
  • Yucca is designed

    Yucca is designed
    Congress designating Yucca Mountain, Nevada as the sole repository site.
  • Surface studies

    Surface studies
    Surface studies begin at the Yucca Mountain site
  • Constructing Yucca Mountain

    Constructing Yucca Mountain
    Tunneling into Yucca Mountain begins.
  • Thermal testing

    Thermal testing
    Thermal testing begins at Yucca Mountain which is schedualed to take eight years.
  • Veto

    Congress wants to store fuel in Yucca Mountain but president Bill Clinton vetoed it.
  • Another Veto

    Another Veto
    President Clinton vetos nuclear waste legeslation because of EPA's radiation standards, Yucca project continues.
  • Recommendation approved

    Recommendation approved
    President George W. Bush approves Energy secretary Spencer Abraham's recommendation of Yucca mountain as a sutable site.
  • Waste shippment

    Waste shippment
    DOE announces plans to ship nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain.
  • No Shipping

    No Shipping
    A local indian tribe withdraws its permission to ship nuclear waste through its reservation, forcing DOE to drop its pland.
  • Yucca losses

    Yucca losses
    Yucca gets petitioned against and losses.