Year 7 ICT Lessons

  • Email

    Compose mail and add attachment
  • MS Word

    Create and format a table
  • MS Window Logo

    Create shapes
  • MS PowerPoint

    Create and format slides
  • Phun

    Craete a stable robot
  • DTP

    Create a leaflet of font style
  • Flash 8

    Create an open mouse of your own face
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver MX

    Create a website-Google
  • Computer Virues

    Present the answer in Email
  • Flow chart

    Create a flowchart using symbols
  • Google Map

    Add the placemark and define your house
  • MS Window Logo

    Draw an equal square
  • MS Excel

    Create charts
  • MS Excel

    Create formulae
  • MS PowerPoint

    Create a master slide, animations, transitions
  • Peripheral Devices

    Create a presentation about input devices
  • Firework 8

    Create an image GIF format
  • MS Access

    Create a table and FACEBOOK sign up form
  • MS Word

    Document exercises, calendar
  • MS PowerPoint

    Add bullet lists and presenter notes
  • Health and Safety Issues

  • Networks

  • MS PowerPoint

    Assignment Book
  • Data Storage

    ROM, RAM, Backing Storage
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver MX

  • MS Excel function

  • GUI