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XLVI 2012 Interactives Committee

  • Period: to

    Super Bowl 46 Interactives Committee

    Milestones, Completion Dates, and Results
  • Start to collect Restaurant data

    Start to collect Restaurant data
    Started collecting restaurant data and organizing the 20 Super Celebration Sites. (ICVA)
  • ICVA update

    ICVA update
    List of available ICVA feeds for restaurants, shopping and attraction information sent to Host Committee.
  • Period: to

    Content Mgmt System

    ChaCha Widget
  • Content Mgmt System (CMS)

    Content Mgmt System (CMS)
    Added 10-15 Q & A pairs to each category in the CMS database
  • Website

    IGoDigital Internal (Local) Testing
  • "Get Connected" Cards

    "Get Connected" Cards
    Finalize and Print
    (Revisions delayed printing: didn't print until the end of Dec.)
  • SMS Plan Finalized

  • Content Mgmt System (CMS)

    Content Mgmt System (CMS)
    Add 30-50 Q & A pairs under each category
  • ICVA

    Meet with Celebration Sites to discuss FourSquare/ Specials/ Lists
  • "Get Connected" Cards

    "Get Connected" Cards
    "Get Connected" Cards printed and distributed. Also "Marketing Kits" with table tents / posters (showing how to connect with Four Square, Facebook, Twitter) distributed around Indianapolis.
  • Street Team Tablets

    Street Team Tablets
    Turn in all Bookmarks/ Shortcuts for volunteer "Street Team" tablets
  • Mobile Website launches

    Innovative launches Mobile optimized version of website
  • ICVA Database Expansion

    ICVA Database Expansion
    Expanded and new data imported into ICVA master database, including additional downtown restaurants and restaurant lists compiled by Super Celebration Sites.
  • Social Bowl 46 (#Social46)

    Social Bowl 46 (#Social46)
    2-3 Weeks before the Super Bowl we invited a diverse group of Indianapolis' most "socially-influencial" residents to attend the first ever Social Bowl. 46 people were selected to reflect the 46th Super Bowl (XLVI). Each attendee was given a Social Bowl messenger bag, hat, quick reference brief with information about the Super Bowl as well as free tickets to the NFL Experience and Media Day. These liaisons helped to amplify and spread factual info to the public via various social media tools.
  • Social Media Command Center

    Social Media Command Center
    Raidious Social Media Shift One:
  • Content Mgmt System (CMS)

    Content Mgmt System (CMS)
    Final Review (Last minute Q & A added to the Database)
  • NFL Mobile App Launch

    NFL Mobile App Launch
    iOS and Android Mobile App launch
  • ChaCha CMS

    Starting almost two weeks pre-SB. 2-4 members of ChaCha's staff are stationed at The Social Media Control Center. They are monitoring the CMS real-time. All CMS alerts (Parking) (Zip Line sold out) t
  • Final Interactives Meeting pre-SB

    Final Meeting before the Super Bowl:
    -(#social46) update
    -App Review
    -CMS Review
    -Set stage for Command Center
    -Site Review- ChaCha update/ IGoDigital update
  • Super Bowl Village (Opens)

    Super Bowl Village (Opens)
    Super Bowl Village opens 1/27/12
    Super Car venue specials go live 2/2
  • Social Media Command Center

    Social Media Command Center
    Raidious Social Media Shift Two:
  • ChaCha CMS

    ChaCha CMS
    FEB 1st, 2012
    ChaCha Web Widget answers ~ 2,000 questions/ day
    Top Questions: Parking, SB Village, NFL Experiece, & Zip Line. SMS Mobile App answers ~ 20,000 questions/ day ChaCha SB VIP List ~ 25,000 people Opted-In to received SB updates
  • Social Media Update

    Social Media Update
    Facebook Fans- 15,456
    Twitter Followers- 22,076
  • Super Bowl XLVI

    Super Bowl XLVI
    Super Bowl XLVI at Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis
  • Document and Debrief

    Post Super Bowl wrap up.