Wycliffe gordon

Wycliffe Gordon

  • Wycliffe Gordon's Birth

    Wycliffe Gordon's Birth
    Wycliffe Gordon is born in Waynesboro, Georgia, United States
  • Interest in Jazz

    Interest in Jazz
    Gordon starts to take an interest in jazz music by listening to jazz records
  • Graduation

    Gordon graduates from his high school (Butler High School in Augusta, Georgia) where he played and learned trombone during his band experience.
  • Plays with Wynton Marsalis

    Plays with Wynton Marsalis
    Gordon becomes a member of the Wynton Marsalis Septet.
  • New Ensemble Opportunity

    New Ensemble Opportunity
    Gordon leaves the Marsalis Septet and becomes a member of the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra until 2000.
  • Conducts Lincoln Center Orchestra

    Conducts Lincoln Center Orchestra
    Gordon conducts the jazz orchestra for the premier of his new, original score "Body and Soul" for the 1925 silent film.
  • Gains Popularity Worldwide

    Gains Popularity Worldwide
    Gordon is featured in South Australia's Generations in Jazz 2016 and 2017