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Steve & Linda Stricker Legacy History

  • Howard Buck Wertman Born March, 7 1918

    Buck was born in March 1918. His parents were Homer and Celia. Homer passed away when Buck was 2 years old. Buck's older sisters Imogene (7yrs older) and Lena (4yrs. older) helped raise Buck in the Moosehart Orphanage (Indiana) he was raised in after his dad passed and his mother gave the kids to the orphanage.
  • Period: to

    Stricker History

  • Jeanne Parquette born Dec. 14, 1918

    Jeanne Parquette was born in Ashland, OH in 1918. Jeanne's father was fighting in WW1 (near the Rhine River in Germany) at the time of her birth.
  • Bill Stricker born June 19, 1924.

    Steve's dad Clarence William Stricker was born in 1924 in Cincinnati, OH to "Strick" and Louise "Vidi" Stricker. Strick was 6.5 years older than Vidi and they had a cottage built at the Hermitage as their first house after getting married on Sept. 24, 1921. Vidi was a teacher in an 8 room school house. She taught 50 3rd graders and then coached 8th grade basketball after school.
  • Barbara Green born Dec. 13, 1928

    Steve's mom, Barbara Ann Green was born Dec. 13, 1928 in Illinois. Barb's parents were Phillip "Beanie" and Elsa Green.
  • Buck and Jeanne begin dating

    Buck and Jeanne were friends at Canton McKinley HS and begin dating during their junior year. Buck was a football star and Captain of the team. Jeanne was President of the Booster Club.
  • Jeanne goes to Oberlin College

    Jeanne goes to Oberlin College after growing up in Canton, OH. Jeanne played basketball and majored in Physical Education. She also did many odd jobs to help pay bills and help military once war started.
  • Buck to Ohio U.

    Buck goes to Ohio U (Athens, OH) to play college football. Buck keeps in touch with Jeanne during school even though they didn't continue to date exclusively while apart at different schools. Buck was blessed to be on scholarship and he earned Captain at OU. Buck played H-Back/Tight End role.
  • Buck and Jeanne earn college degrees

    Buck earns his Bachelor of Business Administration from Ohio U. Jeanne finishes her Bachelor of Physical Education at Oberlin in Ohio.
  • Buck enlists in Marines while Jeanne teaches

    Jeanne accepts a teaching job at William & Mary College in Williamsburg, VA in 1940. Buck enlisted in Marines. Bucks starts a business job with the Meyer Corporation in the time before reporting to Camp Lejeune, NC for Marine training.
  • Buck and Jeanne dating seriously - then Pearl Harbor

    In Dec. 1941 Buck and Jeanne were dating seriously and even talking about a June wedding. Buck finished Officer's Training School and was a 2nd Lieutenant. Pearl Harbor is attacked. Jeanne and Buck were together with friends in Jamestown, VA that weekend. Buck raced immediately back to the base in North Carolina and prepared to be sent into action on the battlefront.
  • Wedding plans for Buck & Jeanne on hold

    Buck and Jeanne planned to be married in June 1942, but Buck got deployed in the Spring of 1942 to the South Pacific. Jeanne did not even know where, until she heard a report that the 1st div. of Marines (Canton, OH) were in the South Pacific at Guadalcanal (the harshest and worst fighting conditions in the war). Jeanne stayed at William & Mary teaching for two more years and waited for Buck. They exchanged letters.
  • Bill and Barb get married

    Bill and Barb get married in Cincinnati.
  • Buck at Guadalcanal, then malaria and dengue flu

    Buck fights on the front lines in the South Pacific, but after Guadalcanal he gets malaria and dengue fever and is transported to Australia (which in hindsight probably saved his life from the frontlines bloodbath in the South Pacific).
  • Jeanne gets pilot license in Virginia

    While Buck was away in WW2, Jeanne got her pilot license while teaching in Virginia.
  • Buck returning, Jeanne heads back to Ohio

    Then in December 1943, when Jeanne heard Buck was coming back from South Pacific, she left William & Mary to go back to Canton Ohio to be there when Buck arrived back. He finally got back in the Spring of 1944 and they planned a wedding for May 1944. Jeanne taught at Ohio Wesleyan in Northeast Ohio while waiting for Buck.
  • Buck and Jeanne get married

    In May 1944, Buck and Jeanne get married and took a one week honeymoon in New York, before they packed up to move together to Buck's next orders - at Camp Lejeune, NC. They got off base housing in Jacksonville, NC in an apartment as a new married couple.
  • Mike Wertman born

    Mike Wertman born in March 1945 while Buck was stationed at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, NC. Then Buck went back to the Pacific battlefront and Jeanne went back to live in Canton, OH with her parents to raise Mike. Near the end of the War in January 1946 Buck came back to the states and was stationed in Hawaii. Jeanne took a cross country train trip to San Francisco and then a military boat across to Hawaii to meet up with Buck in Jan. 1946.
  • After Hawaii, Buck is transferred to Quantico, VA

    Jeanne was able to join him there in Hawaii for about 10 months. Then Buck was transferred to Quantico, VA and so they moved.
  • Steve born in Cincinnati in 1947

    William Stephen Stricker born on June 30, 1947 in Cincinnati, OH. Bill and Barb settled in Cincinnati and their firstborn child was Steve.
  • Linda born in Quantico, VA in 1947

    Linda Patricia Wertman born on Nov. 4, 1947 while Buck and Jeanne were stationed at Quantico, VA. Buck was in charge of the Marine Corps Depot of Supplies. Buck was also coaching football for the base football team when Linda was born.
  • Wertmans move to San Francisco

    Buck is transferred to San Francisco Supply Depot at Naval Headquarters. Started in apartment, but so small. Bought first house in Palo Alto, CA for $11,000. Buck's salary was around $50/month. Linda has some sicknesses as a young child and even had her legs stiffen up from a virus once (Jeanne feared it could be polio).
  • Suzanne Stricker is born in 1950.

    "Suzie" as we affectionately call her was born in 1950 and grew up in Wyoming. She went to college at Ohio U, then married Bruce Dew, after Bruce returned from Vietnam. Bruce/Suzie settled in Greenhills on Junedale (near Steve/Linda on Junefield). Laura Louise Dew born in 1976 and Andrew William Dew born in 1979. Bruce left Cincy to work with Lincoln construction and raised the kids with Suzie in Westerville. Laura married Matt Roth (3 kids). Andy married Heather Pearson (3 Kids).
  • Buck goes to Korea for War

    Korean War starts and Buck gets deployed to Korea in 1951-1952. Jeanne goes back to her parents home in Canton, OH with 2 young children. Linda remembers the Parquettes having a family Bible and talking about Jesus while she was growing up for a couple early years in Canton, OH.
  • Buck back from Korea and back to Quantico, VA

    Buck reunites with Jeanne, Mike, and Linda after 13 months in Korea. The whole family moves to Quantico, VA again and rents a place to live in Alexandria, VA.
  • Buck goes from Wash DC to Miami, FL, then back to DC.

    Buck and Jeanne stayed in Alexandria, VA for a little over a year. Buck became the Supplies Coordinator for an aviation Marines base in Miami, FL in the mid 50's after Korea. They were there two years and had a house in Hollywood, FL. Mike and Linda were small children in grade school during the two years in Miami. Then Buck went back to Washington DC in approx. 1957 to finish a Marine higher level officer Industrial school program.
  • Bill Stricker III born in 1956.

    Clarence William "Billy" Stricker was born in Cincinnati in 1956. Billy grew up in Wyoming and went to Vanderbilt Univ. Billy married Margaret Hardy Stricker who is 2 years younger than Billy and she was also from Cincinnati. They have 2 children, Kristi and Meredith. They raised the girls in Hendersonville, NC and then both girls went to UNC-Chapel Hill for college. Kristi married JB Tanner and they have 3 children and live in Burlington, NC. Meredith is currently single and lives in CO.
  • Wertmans to Parris Island, SC

    The Wertmans loved Parris Island. Linda went to the school on the base in Parris Island and Mike commuted into town to Buford HS. Mike played 1 year of HS football and got a stronger education in Buford, than what the base had to offer. The family had bigger and better housing than ever before in Parris Island. Buck enjoyed playing golf and Jeanne learned to play well in Parris Island.
  • Strick - Steve's grandfather passes away from heart attack

    Steve's grandfather (Vidi's husband, PopPop Bill's dad) - "Strick" passes away from heart attack suddenly while on vacation in North Carolina seeing friends, but their kids were not with them at the time.
  • Wertmans transferred to El Toro in CA.

    Buck transferred to El Toro base in Southern CA in 1960 as a Colonel. Mike played his sophomore year at Tustin HS, while Linda prepared to go to Tustin the next year in 1961. Linda went to 8th grade at Trabuco Canyon Road Middle School. The family had to live in Quonset Huts (less than 900 square feet) while the base quarters were getting built at El Toro. Even the new quarters were tiny at El Toro and not fit for a Colonel and his family with 2 teenage children.
  • Linda begins at Tustin HS in CA.

    Linda starts as a freshman at Tustin HS (about 20 min drive from El Toro Base). Linda plays field hockey and swim/dive teams. Also enjoys playing basketball and volleyball. Mike became Class President his Junior year at Tustin HS. and was Varsity Football and Basketball star. Lots of good friend times in CA, but school was tough after growing up on base education.
  • Linda goes to a Christian Camp in Summer

    Linda was invited to go to a Christian Camp in the mountains of California during her freshman year summer with friends. Billy Graham had been to the camp and spoken there. Linda had a great week hearing about Jesus and grew in her faith.
  • Linda goes to church with Karen Vanas

    Jeanne would occasionally take the family to church on or around the base while the kids were growing up (Buck was often gone). Linda remembers enjoying going to church with Karen Vanas, whose Dad was a Pastor nearby. Karen was a good friend and later she and Linda would commute to Orange Coast College together.
  • Mike gets football scholarship to USC

    Legendary Coach, John McKay came and recruited Mike to USC for football scholarship in the fall of his senior year at Tustin HS.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis gives a scare

    Several military families that Linda knew well were affected dramatically by the Cuban Missile Crisis (they left overnight to prep at a base in Florida in case the country went to war, but Buck wasn't emergency deployed for that). He was working supplies at El Toro.
  • Mike Wertman graduates HS, goes USC for college

    Mike graduated from HS in 1963 (USC honored his scholarship even though he tore his ACL). While playing at USC he tore his ACL again. Mike started dating Brooke while at USC. After college Mike moved home and got his Master's in business from Long Beach St. U. Then Mike started a job at Proctor & Gamble in San Diego, CA.
  • Move to Dayton, OH

    Linda stayed in Tustin with friends (Jill Worlund) to finish her sophomore school year and enjoy the summer in Cali while Buck and Jeanne moved to Dayton (Wright Patterson Base) for Buck's job. This was the hardest move for the family. Mike stayed out at USC for college. Linda started going to Fairmont West HS in Dayton for Junior year.
  • Linda played field hockey and swim/dive teams in HS.

    Linda got her driver's license and shared a car with Jeanne. No color tv growing up. Linda visits Miami U in Oxford, OH for college visits and likes it a lot. Linda's friend Jill Worlund from Cali came to visit at Christmas that first year in Ohio.
  • Buck stationed in Vietnam for War

    Jeanne and Linda decide to move back west to Cali while Buck is stationed in Vietnam. He only stays in Vietnam approximately 6th months, but it could have been much longer. Linda and Jeanne remember getting great letters from Buck in Vietnam (unlike Korea and WWII where mail was not dependable).
  • Steve graduates from Wyoming HS

    Steve played basketball, football, golf, and baseball during his years at Wyoming HS. His football team was very successful in a small conference (Undefeated two years) and his golf team was outstanding and went to State Championships every year.
  • Linda graduates HS, starts college at Orange Coast

    Linda graduates high school in Dayton, OH with Buck deployed to Vietnam so Linda and Jeanne move back to California. Linda goes to Orange Coast College for a year to prepare for future college at Miami, once Buck returned. Good times back in California with Mike around. Linda worked at Disneyland (most of the time at the front gates and in the Tiki Room). Linda would go up to campus at SC and hang out with Mike and Brooke. Jeanne did some substitute teaching in Tustin.
  • Steve starts at Miami U (Oxford)

    Steve goes to Miami U in Oxford OH as a freshman and rushes to join the Sigma Chi fraternity (which had been a big deal in his family history - going back to Vidi Stricker and her fraternity/sorority days growing up in early Cincy years). Steve plays a lot of golf and parties a lot in the frat in college. Steve strong in math, but didn't like school much in the other subjects. Steve was motivated not to flunk out because he would have gone straight to Army (Vietnam) if he failed.
  • Buck returns from Vietnam

    Colonel Buck Wertman returned from Vietnam and then was stationed in Philadelphia. The family was hoping to go to Camp Pendleton in San Diego, but instead had orders for Philly.
  • Linda meets friends at Miami through ROTC Club and Pie Phi

    Linda met lots of friends at Miami. Linda rushed Pi Beta Phi soriety at Miami. She had been on and around military bases her whole life so being part of the ROTC Club at Miami (OH) was a natural fit and easy way to make friends she could relate to.
  • Buck's last commission in Philadelphia

    Buck was the Colonel and served as the Chief of Staff to the General in Philadelphia. Linda did clerical work in Buck's big office at the base in Philly. Linda brought Steve to meet him there one time and that scared Steve to death. They had a beautiful colonial style home with at least 6 fireplaces that overlooked the Naval Fleet. The parties for the Army-Navy Game weekend were memorable and Mike and Brooke came to visit from Cali.
  • Linda goes to Miami U - Oxford, OH

    After a good year at Orange Coast College in Cali and then some time working in Philly, Linda decided she was ready to go to Miami U. in Oxford, OH. Jeanne knew someone in admissions dept. and Colonel Buck pulled a few strings to make it happen for second semester when Miami was small and had limited housing. The family celebrated a big Christmas in Philly (with Mike and Brooke visiting) before Linda for college in Ohio.
  • Linda brings Steve to Philly to meet Buck and Jeanne

    Linda was in her first year at Miami while Steve was in 2nd year. Linda's roommate was dating a guy in Steve's fraternity so that is how they met and started dating just a few weeks into Linda arriving at Miami(OH). After a couple months Steve joined Linda in going back to Philly to meeting Buck and Jeanne. Steve was more than a little intimidated meeting Colonel Buck in his huge office in Philly for the first time. This was just months before Buck retired.
  • Buck retires from Marines

    Buck retired from the US Marine Corps in April 1967 after a distinguished career of 27 years in the service. Buck retired in Irvine, CA to spend more long term time family and friends. There was a good chance Buck would have had to go back to Vietnam for another long stint if he wouldn't have retired in 1967.
  • Vidi Stricker comes to Miami (OH) as Sigma Chi House Mother

    Vidi Stricker, Steve's grandmother came to live on campus and run the Sigma Chi Frat house while Steve was in college. These were fun years for Steve with his grandmother, who was a super smart lady, lots of fun, and a big Cincinnati Reds baseball fan.
  • Buck at UC-Irvine in 1968

    Buck and Jeanne moved back to South California after Buck retired and Buck got a job teaching at UC-Irvine in 1968. This kept Buck active and earning some extra college income. He taught there for 12 years and enjoyed many UC-Irvine experiences. Buck and Jeanne also played a lot of golf at El Toro during semi-retirement. Thankfully Linda still had another year or so or in state tuition before Miami determined Linda would have to pay out of state for her last few semesters.
  • Steve and Linda enjoy dating years on Campus at Miami

    The most vivid memories from dating at Miami were the long walks on a small, beautiful campus, frat parties, cold/rainy winters, borrowing Vidi's car to go places. Tuition & Room & Board was approx. $1500 per tri-semester ($4500/year). Steve and Linda get engaged late in junior year.
  • Mike and Brooke married in 1968

    Mike and Brooke got married after Mike completed his Masters and Brooke graduated SC in 1968. Then prepared to move to San Diego to work with P&G, and Brooke began teaching. Mike started having bad issues with his eyes, and acid reflux, and headaches, and once couldn't move his legs in a movie theater. After lots of doctors appointments and MRIs they found cancer in the base of his brain, near his spine, but it was attached at the area that controls breathing so they couldn't remove it.
  • Experimental radiation treatment for Mike's cancer

    Mike was able to live 10 years with his cancer (when the initial diagnosis gave him under 2 years to live). Mike left P&G in SD and came back up to Newport, CA and Mike got his teaching certificate to go back and teach/coach in Tustin at Foothills HS.
  • Honeymoon in Carmel and SanFrancisco

    Steve and Linda drove up the coast for their honeymoon with stops overnight in Carmel, Monteray and then SanFrancisco. It was also a great birthday celebration for Steve. Steve was going to work with Pease Company, but then getting drafted delayed starting full time work. Many of their wedding gifts just had to be stored away until they were able to set up a home back in Cincinnati.
  • Steve and Linda get married June 1969

    Steve and Linda moved up there wedding date to June once they found out Steve had been drafted in the service and would be reporting to basic training in late July. Steve was able to get the date deferred back a little further to September. The wedding took place in a chapel at the base in Southern Cali. The pictures of the beautiful bride, Linda in her dress on their wedding day are stunning. Steve wore a sharp white suit coat. Bill and Barb (and Suzie and Billy) came for the wedding.
  • Linda teaches at Mt. Healthy while Steve goes to Basic Training

    Steve reported to basic training in Philadelphia in September as Linda started teaching school. With the Vietnam war going it looked like Steve would probably get deployed to Vietnam at some point.
  • Lake of the Woods in Mt. Healthy

    Linda and Steve got an apartment in Mt. Healthy (Lake of the Woods Apartment). Linda lived there while Steve was at Army Basic Training and she was teaching in Mt. Healthy. Their first car they bought cheap from a guy PopPop knew at Pease Company who was selling a Chevy Malibu Convertible.
  • Steve excels in Math at Basic Training in NJ

    At Steve's 6 week Basic Training assignment at Fort Dix in NJ he did well in his math tests so that gave him a leg up on other enlisted cadets. Steve's C.O. recommended him for mortar fire and some leadership positions. Basic Training wasn't too tough, but it did seem like a long 6 weeks.
  • Linda visits Steve in Philly

    Steve was assigned to "11 Charlie Company" and stationed in Philly and worked in mortar fire. He wanted to have Linda come visit on a weekend, so they made plans for the visit. But Steve didn't do well at the shooting range and so he wasn't going to get leave that weekend, but thankfully Steve's C.O. was a Sigma Chi and Steve convinced him to give Steve the weekend pass leave anyway so he could see Linda.
  • Steve assigned to Advanced Infantry Training Fort Lewis, WA

    Steve assigned to Fort Lewis, Washington up in the great Northwest. Steve goes into Family Housing Division in Washington and has a super easy job in Fort Lewis that allows him to play bumper pool most of the day. Steve has to wait a long time till he gets his next assigned for Officer's Training school, but he is happy to stay up in Washington with his easy job (and no Vietnam).
  • Linda visits in Washington

    Linda got to visit Steve once up in Washington and they enjoyed time going to Mt. Ranier and hiking around the beautiful Washington countryside. They made plans for Christmas in Cali with Buck and Jeanne.
  • Christmas in Cali, but Mike Wertman has tumor

    Mike Wertman's tumor diagnosis was still awful news and doctors gave him less than 2 years to live. Buck and Jeanne hosted Christmas in Irvine, CA. Linda flew out from Ohio and Steve came down from Washington. Mike and Brooke came up from San Diego. Mike was undergoing the experimental radiation treatment still and they weren't sure it would work, but it did and extended Mike's life 10 years.
  • Steve assigned to Officer's Training School in Kansas

    On the way in to Officer's Training school at Fort Bellvoir. Steve meets a high ranked officer who lets him know that too many people were assigned there and he has some good options. Option #A Candidate School in Virginia. #B Tour overseas in non-combat zone and one less year of service (Europe somewhere) #C Overseas tour and one less year of service (Would have been Hawaii, but no one knew that). #D Stationing in Kansas with one less year of service. Steve took #D.
  • Linda moves to Manhattan KS to join Steve

    Steve and Linda were only together 8 weeks total during their first year of marriage. Linda came out to Kansas to get a teaching job and get an apartment right off the base. Steve was able to type really well so he got an easy assignment with the Seargent doing Family Housing office work. Steve's job felt more like civilian job with very little military responsibilities. Steve played a lot of golf. When Steve got moved to 3rd shift Night Supply his job got even easier with more free time.
  • Steve and Linda enjoy Kansas State college life

    The base at Fort Riley had lots of military couples that Steve and Linda got to hang out with. They also enjoyed some campus life at K-State including being on the set team for the drama school productions. They also went to football games and Steve played a lot of golf while Linda taught school in Manhattan Schools.
  • Steve and Linda move back to Cincinnati

    When Steve's military service concluded in Kansas they were able to move back to Cincinnati and Steve resumed plans to work in finance for the Pease Company with PopPop. Linda has a miscarriage before getting pregnant with Mike. Steve does not enjoy the finance division at Pease and it starts affecting his mental health.
  • Bruce and Suzie get married, Bruce also works for Pease

    Bruce returned from Vietnam and then got married to Suzie. They decided to work in Cincinnati with Pease Company and lived in Greenhills near Steve and Linda.
  • Mike born July 10, 1972

    Steve and Linda welcomed Michael Stephen Stricker into the world on July 10, 1972 in Cincinnati, OH.
  • Steve moves over to Sales Division at Pease Company

    Steve was happy to get out of finance, but the Pease Sales Div. turned out to be just as bad. Steve had a territory in Illinois which required him to leave on Sunday night to drive to a hotel and start on Monday morning with sales calls. He would come back on Thursday night or Friday exhausted mentally and physically. Having a new baby and not seeing Linda all week was stressful and hard. Steve didn't cope well with the pressure at home. He played a lot of golf with his buddies on weekends.
  • Chris is born in March 1974

    Christopher William Stricker is born on March 4, 1974 in Cincinnati, OH.
  • Steve moves into Trans10 division at Pease Company

    A Pease salesman Steve was working with in Illinois got in trouble with the company. Steve tried sticking up for the guy with management, but it only made things worse with Steve and the company. Steve moved over to the Trans10 Everstraight div. (modular offices) within Pease for awhile. It was better, but still not a best fit. In 1978, Steve took a severance package to leave Pease. Steve met guys in Trans10-Everstraight who he decided to partner with in doing construction. Glenn was one.
  • Move from Junefield house to Jackpine house

    In 1977 Steve and Linda moved to the Jackpine Ct. house just south of Winton Woods lake/park. It was an awesome neighborhood to raise kids. Stacey was only a year away from being born and the family was already outgrowing the small Junefield house with 2 young boys and a girl on the way. Mike started school at Lakeside Elementary school.
  • Steve starts Stricker & Sons Construction

    Steve started his own business (Stricker & Sons Construction) with guys he met from the Trans10-Everstraight div. of Pease. Steve was really good with power tools and math and building things, so it was a great fit. It was difficult at first, but God provided in amazing ways. Linda helped whenever she could and worked as a substitute teacher until Stacey was born to help with the bills. Linda also spent a summer as a bank teller trying to earn extra income.
  • Stacey is born September 1978

    Stacey Jeanne Stricker is born Sept. 11, 1978 in Cincinnati, OH.
  • Mike Wertman passes away

    Mike Wertman passes away in early 1979. Experimental cancer radiation treatments allowed him to live for over 10 years with the cancer. Brett was 4 or 5 at the time and Greg was 2 years old. They were miracle kids.
  • Linda teaches full time at Lakeside Elementary

    Linda substitute taught for years while Stacey was young, but then was hired full time to teach 4th grade and later 3rd grade at Lakeside Elementary. Mike, Chris, and Stacey all attended Lakeside for Elem. Lynn Harris was Linda's closest teaching friend at Lakeside.
  • Frisco becomes the Stricker family dog

    Frisco was a fun-sized cock-a-poo with black fur that became a mainstay in the Stricker house from 1983 - 1998. We loved Frisco and took him with us everywhere.
  • Steve and Linda vacation at Paradise Island

    Steve and Linda were so ready for a vacation. They had not been away on a week-long vacation together without the kids since 1972 when Mike was born. This trip to the Caribbean at Paradise Island, Bahamas was super memorable.
  • Stricker family vacation at a Lake in Canada

    Bill and Margaret Stricker hosted a big all Stricker family vacation in Canada (just north east of Toronto) for a week in the summer. Mike couldn't come because of HS soccer tryouts, but it was an awesome vacation for the family and all the cousins.
  • Mike graduates from Greenhills HS

    Mike had a great experience at Greenhills HS with friends, Young Life, sports, excellent grades, and lots of memorable family times.
  • Steve dedicates his life to Jesus

    During one of the roughest stretches in Steve's life (Spring/Summer 1991) Steve decided to give his heart and life to Jesus. He knew God was calling him to surrender, but it was hard when we all want control of our own lives and our pride gets in the way. Steve read a lot of the Bible, starting with the gospels, that first year he was a Christian. Young Life's influence through the leaders impact on Mike, Chris and Stacey made a big impact.
  • Chris graduates from Winton Woods HS

    Chris had a fantastic 4 years and was the first graduating class of Winton Woods HS in 1992. Chris excelled in school, sports, Young Life, and had lots of friends. Chris visited Mike a bunch at Ohio State for games and great weekends together. Chris committed to take his talents to Columbus, OH as an Ohio State Buckeye.
  • Mike graduates from Ohio State

    In May 1994, Mike graduated from THE Ohio State University with a degree in Physical Education and Coaching. Mike got a job teaching and coaching at Gahanna HS for a year before moving to North Carolina.
  • Buck and Jeanne's 50th celebration in Newport Beach, CA

    We all took a trip an awesome trip out to Newport Beach, CA to celebrate Bucks and Jeanne's 50th Wedding Anniversary. We stayed in a super fun big rented house on the boardwalk sand at Newport Beach (17th street). It was awesome family time for the Strickers celebrating Buck and Jeanne and connecting closer with Brooke, Brett, and Greg too. We all loved Newport Beach and celebrated US Soccer in the World Cup advancing to play Brazil in the round of 16 on July 4th!
  • Best Young Life Trip Ever

    In July 1995 Steve and Linda signed up to be adult guests on a Young Life trip to Saranac Lake, NY where Mike would be there leading with his Gahanna YL group and Chris was there leading with his Upper Arlington YL group on the same trip. Mike Allen, Paul Schmitzer, Brian Barringer, and Rob Crocker were also on Summer Staff that month at Saranac. It was an awesome trip!
  • Chris and Amanda married in Dec. 1995

    Chris and Amanda were married on Dec. 17, 1995 in Cincinnati. Chris and Amanda were high school sweethearts and dated all the way through college also. Amanda graduated before Chris and came to work in the inner city of Columbus, while Chris graduated from Ohio State. After getting married and Chris's graduation, Amanda and Chris secured jobs in the Coppell School District and moved out to teach in Dallas, TX.
  • Stacey graduates from Winton Woods HS

    Stacey graduated from Winton Woods in 1996. Stacey was a star in the drama department, the classroom, Young Life, and on the Friday Night Dance Team throughout high school. Stacey was ready to become an Ohio State Buckeye!
  • Bill and Barb's 50th celebration in Hilton Head

    Bill and Barb reserved a big beach-side house at Hilton Head Island for their 50th wedding anniversary. It was a huge highlight of growing up for everyone in the Stricker family. We loved these memorable times with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents as a big part of the Stricker family growing up.
  • Stricker Family Fantasy Football League runs for over 20 years

    The Stricker's Fantasy Football League started in 1996. Mike won the first year and Jim Bodwell won the most recent year in 2019. In between we have had lots of great competition and fun throughout the football seasons.
  • Mike married Suzanne McClintock in July 1998

    Mike and Suzanne married on July 11, 1998 in Charlotte, NC. Mike was playing pro soccer, teaching at Elizabeth Traditional Elementary School, and leading Young Life at South Meck HS. Suzanne was just finishing grad school at Winthrop. Mike and Suzanne moved to 4147 Chelmsford Rd in the Cotswold area of Charlotte.
  • Stacey graduates from Ohio State

    In May 2000, Stacey graduated from THE Ohio State University and went on to become Safari Stacey, Stacey the Zep Rep, Sysco Stacey, and ultimately Best Aunt & Mom in the World Stacey!
  • Jake born and adopted by Chris & Amanda

    Jacob Daniel Stricker "Jake" was born Sept. 7, 2000 to Jenny and then adopted by Chris and Amanda. Chris and Amanda had been praying for child for years and God answered their prayers through adoption first. Jake had great years growing up with family and friends around Coppell. He excelled in cars and guns which made going to the Marine Corps a great fit after graduating early from Coppell High School to become a Marine in the Spring of 2019.
  • Jason is born in Charlotte

    Steve and Linda had another grandchild (Jason Michael Stricker) enter the world in Charlotte, NC on Jan. 6, 2001. Jason has always been a talented kid with a mind to figure things out and put things together. Jason graduated from Marvin Ridge in June 2019 and earned a full scholarship to play football at Liberty University in Virginia. Jason was very active in Young Life, DYNAMIC Leadership University, Beds For Kids, and working his own pressure washing job.
  • Zach and Skyler born in July 2002.

    Skyler and Zach, the Twins were born on July 8, 2002 in Dallas, TX. Zach has excelled in football, academics, and his faith to give himself an opportunity to do great things on & off the field. Skyler has had great success in soccer, academics, and his faith.
  • Sarah Kate Stricker born November 2003.

    Sarah Kathryn Stricker was born in Charlotte, NC on Nov. 15, 2003. Sarah Kate grew up loving Disney princesses, reading books, creating artwork, and jumping her horse in equestrian events. Sarah Kate went to Covenant Day School for most of her school years, but joined Jason at Marvin Ridge HS her 9th and 10th grade years. Then SK transferred to Providence HS for her 11th and 12th grade years. Her nickname as a kid was "Boodles" and then became "Skate" or "SK"
  • Allie born in July 2004.

    Allie was born on July 27, 2004 in Dallas, TX. Allie has always been such a sweet, kind, faith-filled and caring girl. She is also a very talented volleyball player and works extremely hard in school.
  • Stacey and Jim Bodwell married in Oct. 2006

    Jim and Stacey's wedding on Oct. 11 in Dallas, TX near Grapevine Lake was a beautiful celebration. It was a memorable event for all the Strickers and we were so happy for Stacey and Jim.
  • Buck passes away in January 2008

    Buck passed away after a battle with Alzheimers disease and a failing body. Buck also had bladder cancer for several years toward the end of his life too. Bucks's life was memorable and he was a hero. Buck's funeral was also memorable at Brooke's house outdoor on the lawn overlooking the bay. Mike led the funeral and everyone had wonderful memories to share of times with Buck. Jeanne was honored with a General presenting her the US Flag and a full military trumpet taps/salute celebration.
  • Linda retires from teaching school at Lakeside Elem.

    Linda had an outstanding career teaching at Lakeside Elementary school. She taught during Mike, Chris, and Stacey's years in elementary school and was a rock for the family in so many ways. All the Stricker's excelled academically thanks to Linda's hard work, consistent role modeling, and priorities in education. Linda has a lot to be proud of with 3 children who were all honor roll, dean's list students in high school and college. Linda retired in 2008.
  • Steve and Linda retire in Texas

    Steve and Linda retired from their construction and teaching fields and closed a great chapter of life in Cincinnati where raised their family for over 30 years. The family times on Jackpine Ct near Winton Woods Park were great and will never be forgotten. Steve and Linda moved to Frisco, TX within 20 minutes of Chris and Stacey's families. In retirement they also were able to take memorable trips around the world and to the Carolinas to see family. Linda retired from teaching in June 2008.
  • Steve works at Retirement Home in Texas

    During semi-retirement Steve kept busy working at a retirement home from Nov. 2008-2013. Steve had great skills at fixing things and managing projects for the retirement community. The extra income also enabled Steve and Linda to do more world traveling during their early retirement years.
  • Jeanne Wertman moves to Dallas, TX

    Jeanne moved to a fantastic retirement assisted living community in Frisco, TX near Linda and Steve to live out her final years with family. Jeanne lived a long, blessed life and it was such a good decision to come Dallas for the final years.
  • Jeanne Wertman passes away

    Jeanne passed away in Dallas, TX in Feb. 2013. Later in Aug. 2013 all the Strickers and Wertman's met in Newport Beach, CA for a Memorial Service and spreading of Jeanne and Buck's ashes out at sea in Newport Harbor.
  • Newport Beach, CA Stricker Vacation

    We had great times at Newport Beach, CA rental on the beach with Chris's family, Mike's family, Stacey's family, and Steve/Linda. It was a time to celebrate Steve and Linda's 25th anniversary and spread the ashes of Buck and Jeanne in the harbor. The cousins all had a memorable week together. Lots of runs/walks on the boardwalk and great times at the beach, shopping, eating out, and fun times together. Grandma Jeanne left money specifically to bless our family with this memorable vacation.
  • Max Bodwell is born April 2014

    Max Bodwell is born April 23, 2014 in Dallas, TX. Max is the most energetic, happy, fun-loving kid you've ever seen. He never runs out of energy or creative ideas to have fun. Max loves baseball, especially hitting homers off his dad. Stacey and Max are so close they can finish each other's sentences all day long. Max and Steve & Linda have an extra close relationship too since they have been around him since his birth in TX and all through his development stages as a kid.
  • Ohio State at Penn State Epic Stricker Road Trip Weekend

    Steve joined Mike and Jason and Chris, Jake, Skyler and Zach for a huge road trip weekend to State College, PA to watch the Buckeyes take down the Penn State Lions in Overtime on the way to the Buckeyes winning the National Championship in 2014. It was an incredible weekend and memories for all the Stricker boys.
  • Barb Stricker "Nana" passes away in Dec. 2014

    Barb Stricker passes away in Dec. 2014, in Hendersonville, NC. Barb was always surrounded by family and friends. Her highest value in life was caring about her friends and having her family at her dinner table for big holidays. She loved to host parties and was an emotional, heart on her sleeve lady. Barb enjoyed playing golf and going on trips. She cared about her local church and went the extra mile to ensure the sanctuary looked beautiful with flowers. She loved the mountains.
  • Bill Stricker "PopPop" passes away

    Bill Stricker passes away in Hendersonville, NC in May 2015. PopPop was a fun loving, quiet, jokester, who loved his family and worked hard to provide for his family. PopPop loved the stock market and was always trying to find a big winner in the market. PopPop appreciated the finer things, but was a simple guy with simple taste. Bill and Bard were both buried in Hendersonville, NC.
  • Steve and Linda move into Frisco Lakes community

    In May of 2017, Steve and Linda moved from their house in Frisco to the Marble Ridge Frisco Lakes House inside of the Dell Webb Retirement Community. This move gave Steve and Linda access to a lot of amenities that they enjoy as well as social opportunities with families outside of just church friends. The "Marble Ridge" house has a lot of memorable family times in Texas, particularly with Max growing up in Dallas in his early years.
  • Breckenridge, CO Trip for Stricker Family

    Steve and Linda put together one of the coolest weeks ever in the Rocky Mountains for the Stricker family in Breckenridge, Colorado. A perfect way to escape the Dallas heat in the mountains. The house was awesome with a huge wooden dining room table, hot tub, pool table, lots of rooms and a big patio over-looking the woods and the town of Breckenridge.
  • Linda tours Israel with Hope Church friends

    In 2019, Linda took a memorable trip to Israel with the friends from Hope Church. Linda got to see and experience the land where Jesus walked and the Biblical history and culture including the Via-del-a-Rosa (path that Jesus walked with the cross through the streets of Jerusalem) as well as all the other incredible Biblical sites in Israel.
  • Linda becomes President of Frisco Garden Club

    Linda has worked with gardens for most of her adult life. She loves flowers, she loves vegetable gardens, and she enjoys dressing up special occasions with flowers. She worked hard on the organizational, social, and fundraising sides of Garden Club in the Frisco community so it was a natural fit for her to be voted President of the Club.
  • Lake Tahoe Stricker Family Vacation

    Steve and Linda's 50th wedding anniversary celebration was epic out in Lake Tahoe, NV. We had great family fellowship, perfect weather, amazing accommodations, and so much fun together with all the Strickers together.
  • Stricker's Road Trip to Jason's 1st College game - Syracuse at Liberty

    Chris, Zach, Skyler came from Dallas, and Jake came from his Marine base in Virginia to meet up with Mike in Lynchburg, VA for the big Syracuse at Liberty game - Jason's fist collegiate game. Liberty didn't get the upset win but it was an awesome weekend and also helped lead to Skyler choosing Liberty as the school he wanted to play soccer for as his recruiting heated up.
  • Coronavirus Pandemic hits America hard

    Steve and Linda continue to build their legacy of leading a family of faith and love through the pandemic that has our families and all of America quarantined for months.
  • Stricker "Best of List" Old Friends

    Great friends over the years:
    Cindy Cole, David & Marnie Stelzer, Bill & Margie Klingeman, David & Barb Pitman, Chuck & Nancy Chase, John & Nancy Ericson, John Melville, Laurie & Judy Lanning, Bill & Jan Bennett, Lynn Harris, Lou & Mary Lococo, Bob & Becky Wiehe.
  • Stricker "Best of Lists" New Friends

    Steve and Linda have been blessed to make great friends in Texas in the "back nine" of their lives. Randy & Sonja Peterson, Mike & Margie Smith are two of the closest. Linda also has lots of Frisco Garden Club and CBS Bible Study ladies as close friends. Steve's other closest friends have been from his men's Bible Studies through Hope church and his friends who help in Metro Relief Friday outreach projects.
  • Stricker "Best of Lists" Family Vacations

    Steve and Linda took the kids on lots of memorable trips; including these big ones:
    *Disneyland in Cali multiple times while kids grew up. Mike almost drowned in 1982 at the beach.
    *Slippery Rock in Pisga Forrest during times visiting Hendersonville.
    *Amelia Island in Florida staying at the condo on the golf course not far from the Gulf Beach.
    *Washington DC alongside a soccer tourney. - 1984
    *Charleston, SC alongside a soccer tourney. - 1985
    *Myrtle Beach, SC - July 2008 - condos in Lakewood.
  • Stricker "Best of Lists" Big Kid Moments

    The Stricker kids had some Big Moments that Steve & Linda traveled for:
    *Mike's Graduation from OSU.
    *Chris starting in Coppell with his first teaching job.
    *Stacey in Buffalo, NY for a zoo internship.
    *Mike's NFL Kicking Tryout in Atlanta.
    *Chris's Coppell State Championship Soccer Team Games
    *Safari Stacey's move out to Texas after graduation from OSU.
    *Visiting Mike in Charlotte and seeing Mike's kids as babies.
    *Seeing Chris's kids as babies in Dallas.
    *Stacey starting new businesses.
  • Stricker "Best of Lists" Grandkid Big Moments

    Steve & Linda have seen/celebrated some pretty cool Grandkid moments including:
    *Max being born after a long bed rest that Stacey endured.
    *Jason kicking in the US Army All-American Game at Alamo Dome.
    *Watching Skyler's team on the way to winning the National DA Championship.
    *Zach and Sky Friday Night lights.
    *Allie's Championship Volleyball games at Coppell (or with Club).
    *Sarah Kate's musicals and equestrian horse-jumping shows.
    *Jake's entrance to the Marines!
    *Max in school/church shows.
  • Stricker "Best of Lists" Funny Things Grammy and PaPa say

    Funny things we heard Grammy & Papa (Linda & Steve) say:
    *I don't think so, I know so.
    *What did you say? I can't hear you with this TV on!
    *I'm running out to get a few things from the store, again.
    *HEY MAX!!!!! (Loud enough to startle the neighbors).
    *We are very proud of you.
    *Linda can you please open the map and find this highway, none of this looks familiar anymore.
    *That guy is terrible...how is he even playing on an NFL team?
  • Stricker "Best of List" Sight Seeing Trips

    Steve and Linda have been on incredible trips and here is a list of some of the best:
    *Italy (Lake Como, Venice, Florence, Rome,
    *Greece (Baltic Countries)
    *Rhine River Cruise
    *Spain & Portugal (Barcelona, Madrid)
    *Yellowstone National Parks
    *Yosemite and Zion National Parks
    *East Coast, Bar Harbor, Acacia National Parks,
    *Alaska Cruise Trip
    *Canadian Rockies, Baniff.
  • Stricker "Best of Lists" Steve's memories growing up

    Steve had a lot of memories growing up:
    *Riding bikes and playing baseball with Kenny Richards
    *Dressing up to crashing weddings with HS friends to get good food and beer.
    *Swimming with friends at Midge's Pool.
    *Playing golf on Wyoming HS Championship Golf Team.
    *Summers at Beanie's farm house in Hendersonville, NC area.
    *Summers at Hermitage Country Club Summer house outside of Cincy.
    *Baseball toss with Bill (PopPop).
    *Cincinnati Reds games.
    *Knock down, drag out arguments with Barb (Nana)
  • Stricker "Best of List" Linda Memories growing up

    Linda lived in a lot of places and made a lot of memories growing up:
    *Riding bikes all over the base at Parris Island.
    *13th birthday party with a DJ and a great group of friends.
    *Going to Lake Erie summer house with Jeanne's family when Linda was around 8 (Sue, Jan, Fran, cousins, etc..).
    *Church Camp in Cali with HS friends from Tustin after Linda's freshman year. Learning about Jesus and growing in relationship with God.
  • Stricker "Best of Lists" Our Favorite Stuff

    Linda's Favorites:
    Ice Cream - Mint Chocolate Chip
    Movie -
    Song/Band - Beach Boys, Michael Buble,

    Nice Restaurant -
    Fast Food Restaurant - Chick-Fil-A or Panera
    Activity - Gardening and shopping for unique house decorations
    Bible Verse/Passage -
    Place in the world to visit - Lake Como, Italy
    Favorite thing to do with grandkids - Thanksgiving together
    Sports Team - Any team her grandkids play for or the Dallas Cowboys
  • Stricker "Best of Lists" Steve's Favorites

    A list of Steve's Favorites:
  • Stricker "Best of Lists" Mission Trips

    Steve and Linda have participated in great ministry and mission trips and also supported many missions throughout their lives, here are just a few the Strickers have been involved in:
    *Steve and Linda went to the Dominican Replublic on a mission trip.
    *Steve works with Metro Relief in Inner City Dallas, TX most Fridays.
    *Steve & Linda have supported Mike's DYNAMIC ministry taking HS students to Haiti for 3 straight years (2016-2019).