Charm of Music Final Timeline

  • French Revolution Ends

    French Revolution Ends
    The time of great social and political revolution in France ends.
  • Period: to

    Early Romantic

  • Louis Hector Berlioz

    Louis Hector Berlioz
    Born: 1803
    Died: 1869
    Nationality: French
  • World Population hits one million

    World Population hits one million
    The world population officially boasts nine zeros
  • Edgar Allen Poe is Born

    Edgar Allen Poe is Born
    Poet, Writes famous works like "The Raven"
  • Frédéric François Chopin

    Frédéric François Chopin
    Born: 1810
    Died: 1849
    Nationality: Polish
  • Robert Schumann

    Robert Schumann
    Born: 1810
    Died: 1856
    Nationality: German
  • Franz Ritter von Liszt

    Franz Ritter von Liszt
    Born: 1811
    Died: 1886
    Nationality: Hungarian
  • Gioachino Antonio Rossini

    Gioachino Antonio Rossini
    Born: 1792
    Died: 1868
    Nationality: Italian
    *date set at publication of "Barber of Seville" to fit in early romantic*
  • Industrial Revolution Begins

    Industrial Revolution Begins
    Manufacturing forever changes by the introduction of machines into factories
  • Cadbury Chocolate Established

    Cadbury Chocolate Established
    Famous English chocolate company is established in Birmingham.
  • Franz Peter Schubert

    Franz Peter Schubert
    Born: 1797
    Died: 1826
    Nationality: Austrian
    *date set at death date to fit era*
  • The Great Famine Begins

    The Great Famine Begins
    The Irish people starve as their potato crop fails
  • California Gold Rush

    California Gold Rush
    Everyone heads West in hopes of striking it rich
  • Period: to

    Mid/Late Romantic

  • Cocaine Discovered

    Cocaine Discovered
    Cocaine is isolated by Friedrich Gaedcke
  • Giacomo Puccini

    Giacomo Puccini
    Born: 1858
    Died: 1923
    Nationality: Italian
  • Theory of Evolution

    Theory of Evolution
    Charles Darwin publishes "On the Origin of Species"
  • Gustav Mahler

    Gustav Mahler
    Born: 1860
    Died: 1911
    Nationality: Czech
  • Claude Debussy

    Claude Debussy
    Born: 1862
    Died: 1918
    Nationality: French
  • Richard Strauss

    Richard Strauss
    Born: 1864
    Died: 1949
    Nationality: German
  • American Civl War Ends

    American Civl War Ends
    The Civil War between the North and the South finally reaches a conclusion
  • Johannes Brahms

    Johannes Brahms
    Born: 1833
    Died: 1867
    Nationality: German
    *date moved to death to match era*
  • Edvard Hagerup Grieg

    Edvard Hagerup Grieg
    Born: 1843
    Died: 1907
    Nationality: Norwegian
    *date moved to publication of Piano Concerto to match era*
  • Great Chicago Fire

    Great Chicago Fire
    A fire breaks out that burns down nearly all of the city of Chicago
  • Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi

    Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi
    Born: 1813
    Died: 1901
    Nationality: Italian
    *date moved to publication of The Requiem to match era*
  • Maurice Ravel

    Maurice Ravel
    Born: 1875
    Died: 1937
    Nationality: French
  • Albert Einstein is Born

    Albert Einstein is Born
    One of the world's greatest minds is born
  • Wilhelm Richard Wagner

    Wilhelm Richard Wagner
    Born: 1813
    Died: 1883
    Nationality: German
    *date moved to death year to fit era*
  • Bedřich Smetana

    Bedřich Smetana
    Born: 1824
    Died: 1884
    Nationality: Czech
    *date moved to death to match era*
  • Jack the Ripper

    Jack the Ripper
    Infamous British murder terrorizes London
  • Eiffel Tower Finished

    Eiffel Tower Finished
    Paris' most famous landmark is finished for the World's Fair
  • Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
    Born: 1840
    Died: 1893
    Nationality: Russian
    *date moved to death to match era*
  • Clara Schumann

    Clara Schumann
    Born: 1819
    Died: 1896
    Nationality: German
    *date moved to death to match era*
  • Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington

    Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
    Born: 1899
    Died 1974:
    Nationality: American
  • Aaron Copland

    Aaron Copland
    Born: 1900
    Died: 1990
    Nationality: American
  • Period: to

    Early 20th Century

  • Arnold Schönberg

    Arnold Schönberg
    Born: 1875
    Died: 1951
    Nationality: Austrian
    *date changed to publication of Pierrot Lunaire to fit era*
  • Titantic Sinks

    Titantic Sinks
    The unsinkable ship sinks
  • Igor Stravinsky

    Igor Stravinsky
    Born: 1882
    Died: 1971
    Nationality: Russian
    *date changed to publication of Rite of Spring to match era*
  • World War I begins

    World War I begins
    The Great War commences
  • Russian Czar Murdered

    Russian Czar Murdered
    Czar Nicholas II and his family are killed by the communist party
  • US Stock Market Crashes

    US Stock Market Crashes
    The US Stock Market crashes, triggering the Great Depression
  • Charles Edward Ives

    Charles Edward Ives
    Born: 1874
    Died: 1954
    Nationality: American
    *date moved to year revisions to "The Unanswered Question" ended to match era*
  • Carl Orff

    Carl Orff
    Born: 1895
    Died: 1982
    Nationality: German
    *date changed to publication of Carmina Burana to match era*
  • Jacob Gershwine

    Jacob Gershwine
    Born: 1898
    Died: 1937
    Nationality: American
    *date moved to death to match era*
  • Pearl Harbor is Bombed

    Pearl Harbor is Bombed
    Leads to USA involvement in WW2
  • Béla Bartok

    Béla Bartok
    Born: 1881
    Died: 1945
    Nationality: Hungarian
    *date changed to death to match era*
  • Period: to

    Mid to Late 20th Century

  • JFK Assassination

    JFK Assassination
    The 35th President of the US is assassinated in Dallas, creating one of the greatest conspiracy theories regarding his killer
  • Woodstock Music Festival

    Woodstock Music Festival
    Hippie Music Festival attracts a crowd of 400,000
  • Stephen Michael Reich

    Stephen Michael Reich
    Born: 1936
    Died: Still Alive
    Nationality: American
    *date moved to publication of "Piano Phase" to match era*
  • Seinfeld Premiers

    Seinfeld Premiers
    The show about nothing that gave us the Soup Nazi and taught us race relations using a black and white cookie graces TV screens across America
  • Louis/Lenard Bernstein

    Louis/Lenard Bernstein
    Born: 1918
    Died: 1990
    Nationality: American
    *date moved to death to match era*
  • John Milton Cage, Jr

    John Milton Cage, Jr
    Born: 1912
    Died: 1992
    Nationality: American
    *date moved to death to match era*
  • Mackenzie Malley is Born

    Mackenzie Malley is Born
    I make my grand entrance into the world
  • Jennifer Higdon

    Jennifer Higdon
    Born: 1962
    Died: Still Alive
    Nationality: American
    *date moved to publication of Blue Cathedral to match era*
  • Period: to

    21st Century

  • The Royal Wedding

    The Royal Wedding
    My favorite Princess, Kate Middleton, marries Prince William