WWII Events

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  • The Stock Market Of 1929

    The Stock Market Of 1929
    The Great Depression begins- because it is a worldwide event- and has many different days of beginning.
  • 1930's

    By 1930, mass unemployment and economic
    depression led to bitter poverty in Germany,
    Britain, Japan, Italy, and the United States, as
    well as other countries around the world.
  • 1936 Berlin Olympics–Interview with Jesse Owens

    1936 Berlin Olympics–Interview with Jesse Owens
    In 1936, Germany hosted the
    summer Olympics in Berlin. Hitler had
    ordered a huge propaganda campaign
    claiming that Aryan superiority would win
    the games for the Nordic countries. After
    debating whether to support Olympic
    games hosted by the Nazi regime, the United
    States agreed to participate, sending a team
    of athletes which included eighteen African
  • Violence breaks out

    Violence breaks out
    violence aimed specifically at the Jews broke out
    in the streets of the Third Reich. Police and many
    German civilians stood by while Nazi mobs
    destroyed thousands of synagogues and Jewish
    businesses and homes. This night came to be
    called Kristallnacht, the “Night of Broken Glass,”
    for the shattered glass from the store windows that
    littered the streets.
  • Urgent Telegram from Munich to All Political Police Headquarters and Stations

    The local political authorities are to be informed
    that the German police have received from the
    Reichsfeuhrer SS and the Chief of the German
    police the following orders to which the actions
    of the political authorities should be
    correspondingly adjusted.
  • 1939

    German tanks rolled into Poland.
    Prompted by the invasion of Poland, Britain
    and France declared war on Germany.
  • War Against Japan

    War Against Japan
    “Yesterday, December 7, 1941, a date which will
    live in infamy—the United States of America was
    suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and
    air forces of the Empire of Japan" said Franklin D. Roosevelt’s during his speech to congress.
  • War Production Board

    one month after the United
    States joined World War II, Congress created the
    War Production Board (WPB). This agency
    oversaw the conversion of industrial production
    from peace time to the requirements of war time.
  • D-DAY

    Despite this successful
    subterfuge, the Allies still encountered stiff
    resistance from the Germans when they landed
    at a series of points farther east along the
    Normandy coast
  • Nuremberg War Crimes trials begin

    Nuremberg War Crimes trials begin
    On this day in 1945, a series of trials of accused Nazi war criminals, conducted by a U.S., French, and Soviet military tribunal based in Nuremberg, Germany, begins. Twenty-four former Nazi officials were tried, and when it was all over, one year later, half would be sentenced to death by hanging.