• September 1,1939

    Germany turmoil because of comunits and socialtis was inflation.
  • December 7,1941

    The attack on Peral Habor
  • June 6,1944

    Normandy landing s
  • May 8,1945

    victory of Europe Day
  • September 2,1945

    Japan surrenders
  • 1932

    year of the common era
  • 1917

    famous, scandalous and notable events happened in 1917
  • 1937

    U.S., science, financial, entertainment & sports events from 1937
  • 1941

    a year after pearl harbor
  • The election of 1940

    the election between Wendell Willkie and Roosevelt
  • December 8,1941

    Roosevelt asked congress to declaration war on Japan after Pearl Harbor
  • Women and the armed forces

    Women in the military have a history that extends over 3,000 years into the past, throughout a large number of cultures and nations
  • Mobilizing science

    Manhattan project most signific program of WWII an atomic bomb
  • zoot suit riots

    Hispanic and white sailors stationed in Los Angeles
  • how did allies fight the battle of the atlantic

    The battle of the Atlantic was the longest battle of the sencod World War
  • operation torch

    when the United States e tered the war in the late 1941