• Germany's Anschluss with Austria

    Germany's Anschluss with Austria
    Hitler's first target. March 12, 1938. Germany invaded Austria. March 13, 1938, Germany in union with Austria.
  • Germany's Annexation of the Sudetenland

    Germany's Annexation of the Sudetenland
    France and Britain Signed Munich Agreement: Turned Sudetenland over to Germany without a single shot being fired. Britain and France adopted the policy of appeasement.
  • Munich Pact

    Munich Pact
    Turned Sudetenland over to Germany without a single shot being fired. Avoid War with Germany.
  • Hitler's Annexation of Czechoslovakia

    Hitler's Annexation of Czechoslovakia
    Provide more living space for Germany and to control its resources. France and Britain promised to protect Czechoslovakia.
  • The Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact

    The Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact
    Russia and Hitler agreed to sign a nonaggression pact. Second secret pact agreeing to divide Poland between them.
  • Germany Invades Poland

    Germany Invades Poland
    Germany invades Poland. New Military strategy called blitzkrieg( lightning war). Two days latter, Britain and France declared war on Germany.
  • Phoney War

    Phoney War
    Germany invaded Denmark and Norway. Then invaded the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.
  • Miricale at Dunkirk

    Miricale at Dunkirk
    Germany trapped 400,000 British and French soldiers on Dunkirk.In a week, 800 ships brought British, french, and Belgian troops across the Channel to safety.
  • Fall of France

    Fall of France
    France surrendered. Terms of Surrendering: Germans would occupy the northern part of France, Nazis controlled the government.
  • Battle of Briatin

    Battle of Briatin
    Summer of 1940. September 15, 1940 RAF fought off the Germans.