Holocaust timeline

By jazbeau
  • Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany

    Hitler is elected the chancellor of Germany
  • Dachau concentration camp opens

  • Jewish shops and businesses are boycotted

  • Gestapo established

    The Gestapo was the political police force of the Nazi state. Its goal is to maintain the political status quo. Authoritarian states like the Nazi regime often rely on them to preserve and protect their power.
  • The law strips East European Jewish immigrants of German citizenship

  • Jews banned from serving in the German armed forces

  • Sachsenhausen concentration camp opens

  • Jewish doctors banned from practicing medicine in German institutions

  • Buchenwald concentration camp opens

  • Jewish pupils expelled from German schools

  • German Jews required to wear yellow star of David

  • Extermination by gas begins in Sobibor killing center; by October 1943, 250,000 Jews murdered

  • Deportation of Jews to killing centers

    Deportation of Jews to killing centers from Belgium, Croatia, France, the Netherlands, and Poland, Kremenets, Lakhva, Mir, Tuchin, and Weisweiz in Summer of 1942
  • Extermination begins in Belzec; by end of 1942, 600,000 Jews murdered

  • Germans establish Treblinka concentration camp

  • Evacuation of Auschwitz; beginning of death march

  • Beginning of death march for inmates of Stutthof

  • Period: to

    Death march of inmates of Buchenwald

  • Hitler commits suicide

  • V-E Day: Germany surrenders; end of Third Reich