start and beggining of ww2

  • Adolf Hitler becomes kown

    in 1933, Adolth Hitler starts to challenge restrictions put on Germany from the treaty of Versailles and gains followers
  • Hitler moves troops into Rhineland

    The Rhineland was a demilitarized bored between France and Germany. this was an early act of disobediance to his restrictions.
  • hitler has taken neigbouring areas

    Austria, Memel, and the Sudetenland of Czechoslalovakia all had german speaking populations. buy this time in history he had invaded and taken them all. the war had not started yet.
  • Czechoslovakia was under German control

    The year primar, Germany had taken part but not all of the land. At this time, all of Czechoslovakia was under German control.
  • Hitler had his eyes on poland

    Hitler had his eyes on poland and would soon attack. The war still has not officialy started at the piont.
  • Invasion of Poland

    On September 1st, germany invades poland. The invasion was swift. This is the official start of WW2.
  • France and Britain join in

    Two days after Hitlers invasion of poland France and Britain declare war on Germany. They didnt do much for a while after this though.
  • Soviet Union joins

    the soviet union attacks poland from the east. Germany and the USSR are closong in on the poland Capital. They are fighting togerther but not for long
  • Capital falls

    After being attacked from both sides, the polish capital falls. soon both countries will fight over poland
  • Denmark and Norway

    Germany invades Denmark and Norway. Hitler wanted their potrs for Naval bases.
  • france and britain

    early may is when germans start their advance towrds france. by late may british and french forces had been pushed bash to northen france.
  • evacuation

    there was a massive evacuation of belgium to great britain. they would surrender the next day
  • Norway surrenders

    after being invaded buy hitler a couple months earlier, norway finally surrenders.
  • paris

    by this time germans were in paris and france would surrender soon after.
  • air fields

    from june to october, german forces would try to bomb air fields in britain. the RAF uused thesse feilds as bases. by october over 1000 planes were destoyed on each side
  • japan

    by this time japan had jioned forces with italy and germany. on this day japan declared war on the US.