• US declares neutrality

    On 19 August 1914 U.S. President Woodrow Wilson addressed Congress and made public the U.S. policy of neutrality. During his address he warned U.S. citizens against taking sides in the war .
  • German-Soviet Non-Agression Pact

    A Tready signed by Nazi Germany and Soviet Union,which granteed that the two countried would not attack each other.This prevented Germany from fighting a two-front war in the soon-to-begin the Second World War.The Soviet Union was awarded land, including parts of Poland and the Baltics states.
  • German declared victory over Poland

    On Sep 1,1939 , Germany attacked Poland. on Sep 3,1939 ,Britain and France declared war and estalblished Naval Block on Germany ,which aimed to danmage Germany's economy and war effort.
  • Germany invades Poland

    It was an invasion of Poland by Germany and the Soviet Union that marked the begining of WW2.The whole Poland was divided and annexed by Germany and the Soviet Union.
  • German U-boat sinks HMS Royal

    The Revengeclass battleship was attacked and sunk by the German U-Boat. 833 peple were killed.
  • Soviet invasion of Finland

    Josept Stalin ordered the red army to invade Finland on November 10 , 1939.In March 1940 , the Finnish Government signed a peace tready in Mossco that surrender 16,000 squares of territory to the Soviet Union.
  • Soviet Union expelled from the League of Nations

    On this day, the League of Nations expels the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in response to the Soviets' invasion of Finland on October 30.
  • Japen establishes ppuppet government in Namking

    On March 30, 1940, Nanking was declared by the Japanese to be the center of a new Chinese government, a regime controlled by Wang Ching-wei and a Japanese puppet.
  • Germany Invades Denmark and Norway

    On this day in 1940, German warships enter Norway. At the same time, German forces occupy Danish cities.
  • German invasion of Holland ,Belgium and Luxemburg

    On 10th May 1940 , The Nazi Germany arm force invaded Luxembourg, Belgium and Holland, the western part of the Netherlands.
  • Italy decalred war on Britain and France

    On June 10,1940 , Mussolini ,the dictator of Germany declared war on Britain and France.
  • German troops enter Paris

    The French abandon Paris, declaring it an open city. This allows the Germans to enter the French capital on June 14 without resistance.
  • Soviet union takes over Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

    The Soviet Union reoccupied most of the territory of the Baltic states during World War II.
  • RAF air raids over Berlin

    Berlin, the capital of Nazi Germany was bombed by RAF (British Air Force). 95 aircrafts were dispatch to bomb Berlin.
  • Italian forces invade Egypt

    On that day, Italian forces c rosse Libya,a territory of Egypt and enter Egypt.
  • Italy Invades Greece

    The Italians invaded Greece, expecting a quick victory. The Greeks received reinforcements from the British and planes from the Soviets. This allowed Greek forces to hold their own and attack Italy.
  • First german air raid on London

    On the evening of December 29, 1940, London suffers its most devastating air raid when Germans firebomb the city.