WSR 15 Shah Abbas

  • Nov 2, 1571


    Abbas was born on January 27, 1571 in Herat, Afghanistan. He was the third son of Shah Mohammad Shah. He then ended up taking over above all people, including his family.
  • Nov 1, 1581

    Ruler of Khorasan

    Ruler of Khorasan
    He was proclaimed the ruler of Khorasan, during the anarchy, He then decided that he wanted to rule more than just a part of the world. He then began on the eastern part.
  • Persian Throne

    Persian Throne
    He obtained possession of the Persian throne, by going against his own father, and ended up imprisoning his father. His realized his army was weak due to the defeat by the Ottomans who had captured Georgia and Armenia and by Uzbeks who had captured Mashhad and Sistan in the east.
  • Separate Peace

    Separate Peace
    He signed a separate peace with Ottomans, that also included the cession of large areas of west and northwest Persia and then dall of his efforts against the predatory Uzbeks, who occupied and harassed Khorasan.
  • Launched Campaign

    Launched Campaign
    Abbas launched a campaign against the Ottomans. He did this so that he could gain power and have control all on his own. Abbas was not willing to take another defeat from the Ottomans.
  • First Pitch Victory

    First Pitch Victory
    He obtained a first pitch victory, which forced them to give back the territory they had seized, including Baghdad.
  • Killer

    In 1615 he ended up killing more then 60,000 Georgians then later deported another great deal of men about 100,000 in Tblisi after a rebellion. Shah Abbas was a "killer" when it came to destroying armies.
  • United Armies

    United Armies
    The united armies of the Turks and Tatars were defeated near Sultanieh by Abbas. Not only did Abbas destroy the Turks and Tatars but took over much of the East. By taking over the east he was in control over many compienes.
  • Trade

    Abbas had a lot of support from the British fleet, He then took over the whole island of Hormuz, from the Portuguese. Most of the trade was spread out through the town Bandar . In which Abbas had taken from the Portuguese and had named after himself. He expanded commercial links with the English East India Company and the Dutch East India Company.
  • Died

    Abbas died in Mazandaran on January 19, 1629. He was the most dominate ruler of the Safavid Dynasty. His dominions extended from the Tigris to the Indus, even all through out the Persian borders of the pre-Islam times. His fame no longer stands out. However, by numerous deeds of tyranny and cruelty, particularly against his own family. Afraid of a coup by his family (as he had done to his father), he locked them up in palaces in order to keep them without knowledge of the outside world.