The Kings of the Bible

By Nolt123
  • 1120 BCE

    Samuel Is Born

    Samuel Is Born
    Samuel was born because Sarah made a promise to God that she would give her son back to God if God provides one. Samuel was born and he went to live in Gods house with Eli the Priest when he was old enough.
  • 1105 BCE

    God Calls Samuel

    God Calls Samuel
    One night when Samuel was in his bed he heard a voice calling "Samuel." He thought it was Eli but it wasn't. After several times he answered saying "Speak Lord for your Servant hearth." God told Samuel about horrible things that were going to happen to Eli's family because some of them were disobeying God.
  • Period: 1102 BCE to 1060 BCE

    Samuel became Priest

    Samuel became priest soo after Eli's death.
  • 1060 BCE

    Jonathon Gives David a Gift

    Jonathon Gives David a Gift
    Jonathon and David were great friends. Jonathon knew that David was the next King and Jonathon accepted it. Jonathon gave his sword, his robe, and his armor.
  • 1052 BCE

    Samuel anoints Saul

    Samuel anoints Saul
    Samuel anoints Saul as King because the Israelites were begging for a King. Saul was from the Benjamin tribe. He wasn't sure he wanted to be King because of what happened to his tribe. He was very Humble in the beginning. He was so scared that he hid in Suitcases before he was anointed.
  • Period: 1052 BCE to 1009 BCE

    Saul's Reign

    Saul was the first King over Israel. He was tall and Handsome. Everyone thought he was a great King. He was very humble at the beginning, but further into his reign he became jealous and not worthy to God. He didn't apologize for what he did and it costed him the Kingdom.
  • 1030 BCE

    Saul makes an Unlawful Sacrifice.

    Saul makes an Unlawful Sacrifice.
    Saul wanted to do a sacrifice before they continued the war. He asked Samuel to come to do the Sacrifice because only Priest could make Sacrifices. Samuel didn't come so Saul did the Sacrifice himself. Saul was punished for what he had done.
  • 1029 BCE

    David anointed King

    David anointed King
    David was anointed King when he was really young. His older brothers were rejected and he was chosen by God. Saul was still King at this point. Saul liked David until he knew that he was the next King.
  • 1025 BCE

    David kills Goliath

    David kills Goliath
    One day David went to bring lunch to his brothers when they were in war. There was a giant named Goliath that challenged the people for someone to fight him. David came and volunteered to do it. He went and got three stones and went up to Goliath with his sling shot and nailed him in the head. Goliath fell to the ground. David took Goliath's sword and cut off his head and killed him. David held up Goliath's head to everyone and the philistines ran away while the Israelites chased them.
  • Period: 1018 BCE to 1014 BCE

    Saul Hunts for David

    Saul was really jealous of David and he wanted to kill him. So Saul ran after David. Two times David could have killed Saul but he didn't because he didn't want to kill the Lord's anointed.
  • 1011 BCE

    Saul kills the Priest of Nob

    Saul kills the Priest of Nob
    He kills the Priest of Nobs.
  • 1010 BCE

    Jonathon's Death

    Jonathon's Death
    Jonathon dies in Bible. He died at the same war as his father Saul. He was burried in Jabesh-Gilead. His brothers were also killed in the battle
  • 992 BCE

    David and Basheba

    David and Basheba
    David stayed back from war and saw a women, which was his friends wife, was bathing on the roof. He got her to come over that night and he slept with her. She became pregnant. Her husband was sent back because David was gonna try to cover up his sin but it didn't work. he ended up dying in Battle and after that David took her in as his wife.
  • 982 BCE

    David and Absalom

    David and Absalom
    David was cursed because of the sin he did. So Absalom killed his brother because he raped his sister. Absalom wanted to be the next king so he tried to kill David and steal the throne but he ended up dying in war.
  • Period: 973 BCE to 910 BCE

    Jeroboam's Life Span

    Jeroboam was Solomon's servant. Ahijah told Jeroboam that he will give him several tribes and that he shall be King. He says that he will have 10 Tribes and Solomon will have 1 tribe. Solomon tried to kill Jeroboam when he heard what Ahijah asked.
  • 970 BCE

    David Dies

    David Dies
    David dies at old age. There is not much said about him except that his clothing was not keeping him warm, so they gave him a wife to keep him warm.David dies at old age. Before David died, he made plans for the tabernacle and what goes where. He made a promise to Solomon. David also gets so much gold and silver for Solomon for the making of the temple.
  • 970 BCE

    Solomon Crowned King

    Solomon Crowned King
    David choses Solomon to be king instead of Adonijah. Adonijah doesn't think that Solomon should be and King and he gets upset. There is half of the people that think Solomon should be King but the other half of the people think Adonijah should be King.
  • 970 BCE

    Adonijah is not Chosen

    Adonijah is not Chosen
    Adonijah is not chosen for King. David choses Solomon instead. He gets mad but is shown mercy by Solomon. After David dies he goes to Bathsheba and asks her to convince Solomon that it would be a good idea for Adonijah to marry Abishag which was David's widow. Solomon gets mad and tells someone to kill Adonijah.
  • 969 BCE

    God appears to Solomon

    God appears to Solomon
    One day Solomon was burning an offering on a high place. Suddenly, God appeared to Solomon and said "Whatever you ask for I will give it to you." Solomon said that he wants to be wise. He wants to make good decisions and be a good leader to the people. God was very pleased with Solomon and granted his wish.
  • 968 BCE

    Solomon's Wealth

    Solomon's Wealth
    Solomon was planning an event for lots of people. There were so much food and drink. They would plan this event the entire year and they would prep really hard the last month before the wedding. The event would last one day.
  • 968 BCE

    Solomon's Wisdom

    Solomon's Wisdom
    One day two prostitutes' came to Solomon. They said that one of their Babies were dad and they are both saying that the other child is both of theirs. They are fighting over the child. They both are fighting because that is their ticket out of prostitution. Solomon answers and says if you both want the baby, lets just cut it in half. One of the women says yes, but the other one said no. After they gave their answers Solomon knew who the true mother was.
  • 966 BCE

    The Queen of Sheba

    The Queen of Sheba
    The queen of Sheba came to Solomon and she asked many questions and he answered. She saw everything that he had and she heard everything he said. She gave him lots of gold. She also gave him special stones. In his reigning of 40 years he got around 46, trillion a year.
  • 960 BCE

    King of Hiram

    King of Hiram
    Hiram was the pagan king of Tyre. He gave a lot of gifts and stuff for the temple. King Hiram helped Solomon built the temple. He even sends laborer's to help build the temple.
  • 959 BCE

    Temple dedication

    Temple dedication
    The people gather around. The ark was brought in. The clouds descend in the sky. Solomon prays to the Lord. Then suddenly, fire came from Heaven. They sacrificed 22,000 oxen and 120,000 sheep.
  • Period: 931 BCE to 913 BCE

    Rehoboam Reigned King

    Rehoboam was Solomon's son. He was King over Judah. Jeroboam comes back from Egypt when he heard that Rehoboam became King. Rehoboam raised the taxes and was more harsh with the people than Solomon was. He had 18 wives and 60 concubines'. He abandoned the law so God abandoned Rehoboam. He did not repent to God. God should have had mercy on Jerusalem because most of the people repented.
  • 929 BCE

    Jeroboams Son gets Sick

    Jeroboams Son gets sick and he tells his wife to go in disguise. Jeroboam sent his wife to Shiloh. Alijah was there and he said that Jeroboam should be king.
  • 928 BCE

    Jeroboam's Idols

    Jeroboam's Idols
    He built golden calves and put them apart from each other to the North and the South so that people from all over can worship them. He did what was right but he also knew who the true God was. At this time he is King in Israel.
  • 924 BCE

    Rehoboam's last Fall

    Rehoboam's last Fall
    One day a man of God came to Rehoboam while he was worshiping idols. The man of God said that the idols would be destroyed and the Priest would be burned on top of it.
  • Period: 913 BCE to 910 BCE

    Abijah reigns over Judah

    Abijah was an evil King. He was not good in the eyes of the Lord.
  • Period: 911 BCE to 870 BCE

    Asa's Reign over Judah

    Asa became King of Judah after Abijah. Asa was the son of Abijah. Asa did what was good in the eyes of the Lord. He got Judah to serve the Lord and do good things. God gave him peace for all the good things that he did. Asa's grandmother is like a witch and he takes her out of the Kingdom because she was out of control. His first mistake was when he didn't trust God. He went to the King of Syria so that they could fight Israel. God was not pleased so he sent a Prophet to punish Asa.
  • Period: 909 BCE to 907 BCE

    Nadab Reigns King

    He did what was evil in the sight of the Lord. He reigned in Israel. He reigned for two years. Baasha killed him and then took his place as King.
  • Period: 907 BCE to 883 BCE

    Baasha reigns King

    Baasha was King over Israel. He reigned for 24 years. He did what was evil in the sight of the Lord. He walked into sin just like his father.
  • Period: 904 BCE to 850 BCE


    He was a Prophet and he was very powerful and he loved God. He called 450 false prophet. Elisha was the next prophet and he saw Elijah go up to Heaven in a chariot of fire.
  • Period: 883 BCE to 881 BCE

    Elahs Rein as King

    Elah was King over Israel. He did what was evil in the sight of the Lord. He reigned for two years.
  • 880 BCE

    Elijah and the Widow

    Elijah and the Widow
    Elijah was sent to a Widows house after the brook of Cherith dried up. It was during a drought and the Widow had a son. She was preparing there last meal when Elijah came. He asked for a drink of water and she gave it to him. Then he asked for bread or for a meal. So the widow gave up there last meal for Elijah. Then Elijah said that there oil or flour will never get all and they will survive. It happened.....for the next year Elijah stayed with the widow and they never went hungry.
  • Period: 880 BCE to 880 BCE

    Zimri's Reign as King

    He reigned for seven days and he did what was evil in the sight of the Lord.
  • Period: 880 BCE to 868 BCE

    Omri Reigns in Israel

    Omri was evil in the sight of the Lord. He reigned for twelve years. He bought the hill of Samaria. He worshiped Idols.
  • Period: 869 BCE to 844 BCE


    He was a very good king and he did what was right in the sight of the Lord. He was the son of Asa. He reigned for 25 years.
  • Period: 863 BCE to 861 BCE

    Ahaziah reign over Israel

    He fell and hurt his foot and then sent his prophets to the false gods to give him a sacrifice. He was a bad person that did bad things. He reigned over Israel.
  • Period: 863 BCE to 841 BCE

    Ahaziah Reigns in Judah

    He was the son of Jehoram. He reigned for one year in Jerusalem. He did what was evil in the sight of the Lord.
  • Period: 849 BCE to 841 BCE

    Jerhoram the King of Judah Reigns King

    He was thirty two years old when he started reigning. He reigned for eight years in Jerusalem. He walked in the ways of the Kings of Israel. Just like Ahab reigned which is not very good.
  • 848 BCE

    Jehosaphat's Battle

    Jehosaphat's Battle
    They were fighting against the Moabites, mt. seir, and the Ammunites. They didn't even had a battle. All they did was sang to God and they won the battle because of God.
  • 834 BCE

    Elisha helps Naaman with Leprosy

    Elisha helps Naaman with Leprosy
    The commander of the king was Naaman. He had leprosy. He wanted to be cured so he came to Elisha to get healed because his servant girl said to. Elisha's servant came out and said that Elisha wants you to go to the Jordan River and wash 7 times and you will be healed. At first he was angry but soon he eventaully went. On the seventh dunk he came out of the water and was cured. He offered gifts but they were refused. Elisha;s servant came and took them and was punished with Leprosy.
  • 831 BCE

    Elisha captures the Syrians

    Elisha captures the Syrians
    The Syrians wanted to kill Elisha. The army came to Elisha's city. All of the sudden the whole army was blind. Then Elisha led them to Syria. They Israelites were surrounding them and they fed them supper and let the Syria army go.
  • 830 BCE

    Hazel Murders Ben-hadad

    Hazel Murders Ben-hadad
    Ben-hadad was the King of Syria and he was sick. Ben-hadad was crying. Hazel tells him that Elisha said that you will recover. But the next day he took a bed cloth and dipped it in water and it over his face until he died. Then Hazel became the next King in his place.
  • Period: 830 BCE to 803 BCE

    Jehu Reigns

    Jehu was the best King of Israel but still not the greatest person. He killed all the descendants of Ahab and he even went further than that. When he was anointed King the servant told me to kill the descendants of Ahab even though he wasn't supposed to.
  • Period: 830 BCE to 822 BCE

    Queen Athaliah

    She was the Queen of Judah. She was a descendant from Jezebel. She killed all the good people so that she could be Queen. She ruled for 6 years and everyone lost hope and thought God lost.
  • Period: 830 BCE to 790 BCE

    Joash King of Judah

    Judah reigned over Judah for 40 years. He became king around 10 and was a good king to start off. But after a while he started to worship false gods and he became a bad king and ended up killing his first cousin/ brother.
  • Period: 806 BCE to 789 BCE

    King Jehoahaz Reigns in Israel

    Jehoahaz reigns in Israel for seventeen years. He was a bad king but he did do one good thing which was calling out to God in battle.
  • 800 BCE

    Joash Kills Zechariah

    Joash Kills Zechariah
    Zechariah was his 1st cousin and his brother because his father adopted Joash. He was a prophet of God and told the people in the Temple that God is not happy. Joash got angry so he kills Zechariah in the temple. Everyone was very displeased with Joash for what he did. So a little bit later, Joash was assassinated by his servants.
  • Period: 793 BCE to 777 BCE

    Jehoash King of Israel

    Jehoash's father was Jehoahaz. Jehoash reigned over Israel for sixteen years. He was a bad King. Elisha tested Jehoash before he dies. Jehoash was told to throw arrows on the ground but he only did 3. When he should have done more. So he was told they would only win 3 more wars from Syria but will lose the rest. A soldiers body was thrown into the cave where Elisha was burried and touches the bones and hops up and keeps running with the army.
  • Period: 790 BCE to 761 BCE

    Amaziah Reigns in Judah

    He was a pretty good king but still has bad things said about him. He was the son of Joash. He did what was right in the sight of the Lord. He executes the people who killed his dad. He reigned for 29 years. He was twenty five when he started reigning. After war from the edimities, he stole the gods and came back and worshiped them. He followed God and won the battle against the gods he then worshiped.
  • Period: 775 BCE to 736 BCE

    Jeroboam the 2nd

    He reigned for 41 years in Israel. He was a bad King.
  • Period: 760 BCE to 708 BCE

    Uzziah King of Judah

    Uzziah reigned over Judah for 52 years. He was at the age of sixteen when he became king. He did what was right in the sight of the Lord. As long as he sought the Lord God gave him success. But after a while he got powerful and prideful and he started to not trust God. He got Leprosy and then died a while later.
  • 735 BCE

    Zechariah Reigns in Israel

    He reigned for 6 months. He did nothing. He was a bad king.
  • 734 BCE

    Shallum Reigns in Israel

    He reigned for a month. He ripped the women's wombs who were pregnant.
  • Period: 733 BCE to 723 BCE

    Menahem Reigns in Israel

    He reigned for 10 years. He did what was evil in the sight of the Lord.
  • Period: 733 BCE to 731 BCE

    Pekahiah Reigns in Israel

    He reigns for 2 years and continues the sin. He did what was evil in the sight of the Lord. He is assassinated by Pekah.
  • Period: 730 BCE to 710 BCE

    Pekah reigns in Israel

    He reigns for 20 years and he also did what was evil in the sight of the Lord.
  • Period: 710 BCE to 701 BCE

    Hoshea Reigns inn Israel

    He reigned for 9 years. He did what was evil in the sight of the Lord. Assyria conquered Israel and captured them. Israel had sinned against God, so God made them lose the battle. The Assyrians would drag you with a chain through your nose.
  • Period: 707 BCE to 691 BCE

    Jotham Reigns in Judah

    He reigned after his father Uzziah. He reigned for sixteen years. He was twenty five years old when he started reigning. There is nothing bad said about him in the Bible. He stayed away from the temple because he was scared from the punishment that his father had gotten. He built cities and got riches and barely from the Ammonites and he did good things.
  • Period: 690 BCE to 674 BCE

    Ahaz Reigns in Judah

    He was twenty years old when he started reigning. He reigned for sixteen years in Jerusalem. He was a bad King. He would worship images of Baal and he made offerings in the Valley of the son of Hinnom. He also burned his sons for the offering. God brought them down by having them killed in war, taken captive after they were defeated. They took the slaves and covered them in spoil who were naked. Then they clothed and fed them and then they rode on donkeys and released them.
  • Period: 673 BCE to 644 BCE

    Hezekiah Reigns in Judah

    Hezekiah was 25 when he started reigning and he reigned for 29 years. He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord. Hezekiah cleansed the temple and had a Passover. They had 3 sacrifices. Sin offering, burnt offering, and the consecrated offering. The Lord delivered Jerusalem out of the Assyrians hands. He got a sickness that he was gonna die from because it was a punishment for his pride. But God gave him grace because he had no sun and then he got to live 15 more years. Babylonians conquer.
  • Period: 643 BCE to 588 BCE

    Manasseh Reigns in Judah

    He was twelve years old when he started reigning. He reigned in Judah for 55 years. He did what was evil in the sight of the Lord. He filled the temples with false gods. He sacrificed his children as worship. He is the worst King in the Bible. He did witchcraft. He created male prostitutes' for worship. He is so violent. He finally humbles himself and cries out to God. God heard his plea and gives back and restores everything in Jerusalem.
  • Period: 588 BCE to 586 BCE

    Amon Reigns in Judah

    He did what was evil in the sight of the Lord. He did not listen to his fathers repentance. His own servants put him to death because of his evil. He was twenty two when he started reigning and he reigned for two years.
  • Period: 585 BCE to 554 BCE

    Josiah reigns in Judah

    Josiah was eight years old when he started reigning. He reigned for thirty-one years. He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord. In his eighth year he started to seek God and he fulfills the prophecy. In his eighteenth year he cleansed the land and repairs the temple. Hilkiah found the book of the law. He destroys all the bad things and idols that his family had created. Josiah has a Passover to stop the judgement from coming. He dies in Battle cause he didn't listen to Pharaoh.
  • 553 BCE

    Jehoahaz Reigns in Jerusalem

    He reigned for three months and was twenty three years old when he started reigning. Then the King of Egypt took him off the throne. Jehoahaz was a very bad king.
  • Period: 552 BCE to 541 BCE

    Jehoiakim Reigns in Jerusalem

    He was a very bad king. He started reigning when he was twenty five years old and he reigned for eleven years. Then Jehoiachin his son reigned in his place.
  • 540 BCE

    Jehoiachin Reigns in Jerusalem

    He was a very bad king. He started reigning when he was eighteen. He reigned for 3 months and ten days. The Babylonians kept on conquering them and killing them.
  • Period: 539 BCE to 528 BCE

    Zedekiah Reigns in Jerusalem

    He was a very bad king. He was twenty-one years old when he started reigning. He reigned eleven years. He did not humble himself. He rebelled against Babylon. The Babylon's get so mad that they come in and destroy Judah and they burn the city.
  • 527 BCE

    Gedaliah Reigns in Jerusalem

    He was Governor of Judah. He was Jerimiah's friend. His servants killed him so the Babylonian's came back and completely destroy everything. He dud not listen to God and his judgement.