kings of israel

By ein
  • Period: 1071 BCE to 1012 BCE

    Samuals life span

  • 1040 BCE

    David is born

    david is born to Jesse
  • Period: 1040 BCE to 970 BCE

    david life span

    how long david lives
  • 1025 BCE

    david is anoited king

    David is anoited by samual
  • 1020 BCE

    David kills Golith

    davids gloith with sling shot and golith dies.
  • 1020 BCE

    King saul tries to kill david

    saul is trying to kil david becasue he is angy
  • Period: 1020 BCE to 1012 BCE

    David is on the run

    David is running from saul who is trying to kill him
  • Period: 1012 BCE to 1010 BCE

    Samual dies

    he gets deaded
  • 1010 BCE

    saul killed judah anoited

    saul get dead and judah is anoited the year
  • 1010 BCE

    Jonath dies

    jonathan dies in war ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
  • Period: 1010 BCE to 1003 BCE

    civil war

    a war happens in isarael
  • 1003 BCE

    ishobeth is murdered

    ishobeth get deaded ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
  • 1000 BCE

    David and bashiba

    david and bashiba happends
  • 989 BCE

    Solomon is born

    Solomon is born to bashiba and david
  • Period: 989 BCE to 931 BCE

    king solomons life span

    the amount of time he lived
  • 977 BCE

    solomon dedictes the temple

    he didicates his temple to God
  • Period: 972 BCE to 913 BCE


    the timespan of rehoaboam
  • 970 BCE

    David dies

    while hes dieing one of his son tries to crown himself king again. and then david gets deaded
  • Period: 970 BCE to 931 BCE

    solomons reighn

    the timespnan of kings solomons reighn
  • 967 BCE

    solomon askes for wisdom

    God ask solomon what he wants and he picks wisdom
  • 950 BCE

    solomon meets queen of sheba

    she gives gifts to solomon
  • Period: 936 BCE to 870 BCE

    asa's reigh

    gets rid of idols and brings people to serve God\
    good king
  • 930 BCE

    Rehoboams revolt

    he goes agianst taves
  • 930 BCE

    kindom gets split

  • 928 BCE

    Jeroboams idols

    jeroboam but golden calves at the north and south of israel
  • Period: 928 BCE to 907 BCE

    jeroboamos reighn

    the reighn of jeroboam
  • Period: 918 BCE to 852 BCE

    Ahab's reighn

    Ahab reighned 22 years he was very evil his wife has jezebel who was even more evil. they worshibed baal.
  • Period: 913 BCE to 910 BCE

    abijah's rieghn

  • Period: 909 BCE to 907 BCE

    nadabs reighn

    he was bad king
  • Period: 907 BCE to 883 BCE

    baasha's reighn

    the time baasha reighned
  • Period: 904 BCE to 850 BCE

    elijah's life span

    the time elijah lived
  • Period: 885 BCE to 798 BCE

    elisha's timeline

    when he died people were flee from a battle and there freind died so they threw him in the cave were elisha was in and he un died
  • Period: 883 BCE to 881 BCE

    elahs reighn

    the time span king elah reighned
  • Period: 883 BCE to 841 BCE

    jehoaram of judah

  • Period: 881 BCE to 881 BCE

    Zimri's reighnes 7days

    zimiri reighned for 7 days then lit the palace on fire and died
  • Period: 881 BCE to 869 BCE

    omri's reighn

    reighned for 12 years. was evil
  • Period: 876 BCE to 814 BCE

    king jehu israel

    killed the whole house of ahab and his relitives and all the prophets and worrshipers of baall. and then he was king
  • 867 BCE

    elijah helps widow

    elijah say widows flour and oil will never run out until rain comes and when her son dies he revives him
  • Period: 867 BCE to 806 BCE


    kills ben hadad
    was bad
  • 863 BCE

    eljah's alter

    elijah challenges the prophets of bail to a contest were the alter has to get lit. the prophets fail to light it but elikjah drenches his alter in water and the fire still consumes the alter and burn even the rocks of the alter
  • Period: 863 BCE to 831 BCE

    ahaziah's reighn

    was a evil person
  • 852 BCE

    johosophat's battle

    a battle were they didn't fight but sang in and still won the battle becasue the other army killed each other
  • 847 BCE

    Naboth'd vineyard

    ahab tries to take nadaths vineyard and he doesn't get it so he cries and his wife sees so she kills naboth and takes his vineyard for ahab.
  • 847 BCE

    Ahabs death

    a prophet proficies if he goes into a certain battle he will not come back. he goes into the battle and a random arrow kills him and then the dogs come and lick his blood as they are cleaning up the chariot.
  • Period: 845 BCE to 832 BCE


    was a king whoi sang in battle and was good king who deleted idols
  • 839 BCE

    namman healed from leporasey

    elisha heals namman from leporcy
  • 834 BCE

    elisha leads blind army

    elisha leads army trying to kill him
  • Period: 832 BCE to 803 BCE

    Jehoram of judah

    killed 450 false prophets was not as bad as parents but still evil. dies from incurable diese from God that killed him.
  • Period: 820 BCE to 819 BCE

    King ahaziah

    a king how reiaghned in the 12 year or joram son of a ahab
    walked in the house of ahab
  • Period: 814 BCE to 808 BCE

    queen athaliah judah

    daught of jezebel and ahab . was as bad as jezebel . killed all but one of the house of david.
  • Period: 808 BCE to 768 BCE

    king joash king of judah

    started out with a good reighn because of his helper but ended reallly bad by killing his helpers son in the temple
  • Period: 790 BCE to 570 BCE

    isaih prophet

  • Period: 785 BCE to 768 BCE

    king jehoahaz samaria israel

    was a bad king who continued to worship idols
    was fighting the syrians and he prayed to God and God sent a deliverer
  • Period: 771 BCE to 755 BCE

    jehoash judah

    son of jehoahaz . did evil in the sight of the Lord . most of his life wasn't recorded
  • Period: 769 BCE to 740 BCE

    king amaziah jerusalam

    defeatrs edemites but then worships there Gods reighned 29 years
  • Period: 754 BCE to 713 BCE

    jeroboam samaria

    was evil. his son became king. resrored the border
  • Period: 740 BCE to 688 BCE

    king uzziah judah

    son of amaziah was a good king but ended bad when he diobeyed rules about incese in the temple and got cursed with lepoersey
  • Period: 727 BCE to 675 BCE

    azariah king of judah

    reighned over jersulum . did was was right in the sight of the Lord
  • 713 BCE

    zechariah israel

    was evil. was killed by jabesh son
  • 713 BCE

    shallum king of israel

    reighned one month after killing the king.
  • Period: 688 BCE to 678 BCE

    menahem israel

    was evil in thye sight of the lord. his son became king
  • Period: 677 BCE to 675 BCE

    pekahiah israel

    was evil in the sight of the lord . was killed by peka
  • Period: 675 BCE to 655 BCE

    peka israel

    was still evil.was killed by hoshea son of elah.
  • Period: 673 BCE to 657 BCE

    jotham judah

    reighneed 16 years. did what was right in the sight of the Lord
  • Period: 658 BCE to 642 BCE

    Ahaz judah

    didn't do what was right in the sight of the Lord. reighned 16 years. he worshipped idols and sacificed his sons to them also . so God punished him and they lost to syria and israel. israel took the captives and made them slaves. but ahaz did not go back and kept worshipping the idols.
  • Period: 646 BCE to 637 BCE

    king hoshea Israel

    was evil in the sight of the lord. fought the assryians
    was bound up in prison by the assryians
  • Period: 643 BCE to 614 BCE

    hezekiah judah

    reighned 29 years.
    was a very good king
  • 638 BCE

    Hezekiah passover

    missed a passover because of bad priest's
  • 633 BCE

    hezekiah fight's the asssryians

    the assryian's fought judah and surround them but then they lost becasue God helped the Israelirtes
  • 631 BCE

    Hezekaih's sickness

    God says that he is gonna die from a sickness but he [prayes to God and God changes his mind becasue hezekaihn has no son
  • 627 BCE

    hezekaih and the temple

    he shows the babylons the temple and let them inside so he got punsihed htat his descenedes would be punished becasue of him
  • Period: 614 BCE to 559 BCE

    king mananaseh judah

    was evil reighned 55 years. worship every singel idol he could find. sacrficed his sons to false Gods. put idols in the temple. did more evil then all the kings before him. worst king so far. God decides to punish him
  • Period: 559 BCE to 557 BCE

    King amon Judah

    reighned 2 years. was evil. worshipped idols . abodoned the Lord . father of josiah
  • Period: 557 BCE to 526 BCE

    king josiah judah

    reighned 31 years. started reighn when he was 8. did what was right in the sight of the Lord. walked in the way of david. repairs the temple . found the book of the law while repairing the temple. He had someone read the book of the law and was sad a tore his cloth and was sad. the he destoryed all the idols in the country. then he restored the passover. but the Lord was still mad about hsi grandfather. The josiah died in battle. then his son reighned,josiah was a very Godd king
  • 549 BCE

    josiah begins to seek the Lord

    in his 8th year of his reighn he began to seek the Lord .
  • 539 BCE

    joasiah repairs the temple and finds the law

    collected money and repaired the temple. while theyt reapaired the temple the found the book of the law and they read it and josiah tore his cloth's and then got rid of all the idols in the country
  • 526 BCE

    king jehoahaz judah

    reighned 3 months. was evil. . father of jehoiakim
  • 526 BCE

    josiah's death

    he died in battle when he went to mett the pharo and the pharo killed him so they took him back to jersulum in a chariot and buried him there
  • Period: 526 BCE to 515 BCE

    jehoiakim judah

    started reighn at 25. did what was evil in the sight. was nabuchadnezzar's servent for 3 years. filled jersulum with incent blood. .
  • 515 BCE

    jehoiachin judah

    was eighteen when he sttarted reighning. reighned 3 month.
    was evil.
  • Period: 515 BCE to 504 BCE

    zedekiah judah

    started reighend at 21 years old. reighend eleven years. was evil. rebeled against babylon.
  • 504 BCE

    Gedaliah governer of judah

    wa apointed as a puppet king when the babylons took over israel