WSR 12 Shah Jahan

  • Birth of Shah Jahan

    Birth of Shah Jahan
    Shah Jahan, origionally named Khurram by his grandfather Akber, was born in 1592. He was the fifth son of Jahangir.
  • Period: to

    Shah Jahan

  • Marries Mumtaz Mahal

    Marries Mumtaz Mahal
    Shah Jahan marries Arjumand Banu Begum (Mumtaz Mahal), daughter of Shah Jahan's future prime minister, Asaf Kahn, in 1612. He is fifteen years old and she is fourteen years old.
  • Takes throne

    Takes throne
    Shah Jahan takes the throne with the death of his father in 1627 as the fifth Mughal Emperor. He gives his wife the title "Mumtaz Mahal" which means 'Chosen one of the Palace".
  • Wife dies

    Wife dies
    Mumtaz Mahal dies in childbirth with their fourteenth child in 1631. Shah Jahan orders the entire court into mourning for two years.
  • Taj Mahal

    Taj Mahal
    Shah Jahan starts the construction of Mumtaz Mahal's tomb, called the Taj Mahal. It takes twenty years to complete.
  • New Capital

    New Capital
    Shah Jahan starts work on a new capital in Dehli called Shahjahanabad (now known as Old Dehli) in 1638. It takes ten years to complete, and continues to make changes until his death.
  • Moves the Court

    Moves the Court
    Shah Jahan moves the Mughal court to Dehli after it is completed. He continues to make changes while the court is there.
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  • Becomes ill

    Becomes ill
    Shah Jahan becomes seriously ill in 1657. His sons begin a power struggle for the throne.
  • Son takes the throne

    Son takes the throne
    Shah Jahan's son, Aurangzeb, wins the struggle for the throne. He then imprisons Shah Jahan in the Jasmine Tower of the Red Fort at Agra.
  • Death of Shah Jahan

    Death of Shah Jahan
    Shah Jahan dies in 1666. He is buried next to Mumtaz Mahal in the Taj Mahal.