Wright brothers

By Kevin5A
  • Period: to

    Wright brothers

  • Born

    Willbert was born
  • Born

    Orville was born
  • A gift

    They're dad gets them a toy helicopter which partly inspired them
  • Gliding starts

    Wilburt goes to kitty Hawk (which is aperfect place for gliding).Orville joins Willbert, they start thier gliders and flying them.Later they leave to make new glider.
  • Kitty Hawk again

    Thry go back to Kitty Hawk with new 1903 glider. They make history with first powerd flight.
  • Wright flyer II

    Wright flyer II makes first sucsses-full flight around Huffman Parrie
  • selling it

    They try to sell a flying machine to the army, but the army refuses.
  • Sold one!

    They sign a contract with the armyto build and diliver a flying machine
  • Willbert dies

    Willbert dies of typhoid fever
  • Orville dies

    Orville dies of his second heart attack