The 1990s

Timeline created by ngrassi
  • Invention of Photoshop

    Invention of Photoshop
    Inventor: brothers Thomas & John Knoll
    Photoshop was initially too advance for anything at the time to handle when the two brothers initially developed it. Upon the development of the World Wide Web the same year, the brothers found investors in Adobe.
  • First SMS Text Message Sent

    First SMS Text Message Sent
    Inventor: Neil Papworth
    Neil Papworth sent the first text message reading "Merry Christmas" through his personal computer to Richard Jarvis of Vodaphone.
  • Creation of Amazon

    Creation of Amazon
    Inventor: Jeff Bezos
    Amazon was originally created as an online bookstore. Bezos originally started Amazon in a garage.
  • Windows 95 hits the market

    Windows 95 hits the market
    Windows 95 drew crowds like the new iPhone does today to stores for purchase. It was the first 32-bit program offered by Microsoft, included Internet Explorer, and just overall was easier to use.
  • Creation of Google

    Creation of Google
    Inventor: Sergey Brin & Larry Page
    The two friends founded Google during their PhD research project during their stay at Stanford University. The system used backlinks to test the importance of a webpage.