World War Two by 6H

  • Training

    Hitler served in the Bavarian army during the world war one wich trained him.
  • hitler elected presedent

    on March, 1932 these were the election resolts hindenburg - 53%, hitler -36.8% thalemann 10.2%.
  • Hitler elected as Chancellor of Germany

  • Germans voted for hitler

    in 1933 the Germans voted for a leader called Adolf Hitler , who led a political party in Germany called the national socialists or Nazis . He promised to make Germany good again.
  • Germans invade Poland.

    The German Army invade Poland.
  • England & France declare war on Germany

    After Germany had invaded Poland, they were given an ultimatum by England and France. When the deadline had passed, there was no option but for Neville Chamberlain to delare war on Germany.m
  • britain declared war on germany

    world war 2 in europe began on the 3rd of september 1939 ,when the prime minister of britain , Neville Chambalian , decleared war on germany.
  • war starts

    in 1939 the terrible war begins
  • the blitz begins

    the blitz lasted 57 days
  • the blitz

    the blitz started softly in 1940 but got unsafe round 1942-1944
  • Germany occupies countries

    Germany occpies holand,poland,Farnce and norway
  • hungary declares war on sovietaanion

    hungary joins allies with britan
  • The Soviet Union joins the war

    the sovint union and the amercia join the war
  • 1941

    the sovient and America join the war
  • britain declares war on finland hungary and romania

    britian declares war on the countrys that have war with them and that were not allies
  • Adolf Hitler sacks Heinrich von Brauchitsch

    Adolf Hitler sacks Heinrich von Brauchitsch as commander in chief of the German army.
  • Battle middway

    The Battle middway start's.
  • Italy surrender

    iltay surender to the allies
  • D-Day

    The Allied forces landed in Normandy, France.
  • Victory in Europe Day

    The Allies formally accepted the unconditional surrender of the forces of Nazi Germany. The war in Europe was over!
  • war ends in europe

    war ends in europe
    Winston churchill announced VE day
  • hiltler dead

    Adolf Hitler shot himself and his family and dog in 1945 in Berlin
  • Germany and Japan surrender

    Germany and Japan surrender to the Allies in 1945