World War II Timeline

  • Japanese Invasion of Machura

    Japanese Invasion of Machura
    The invasion of Manchuria was Japan's attempt to take over more control in East Asia.
  • Hitler Appointed Chancellor

    Hitler Appointed Chancellor
    Hindenburg appoints Adolph Hitler chancellor of Germany.
  • Dachau Established In Germany

    Dachau Established In Germany
    Dachau, the first concentration camp is built and established in Germany.
  • Nuremberg Laws

    Nuremberg Laws
    The first Nuremberg Laws are enacted in Germany.
  • World War II Starts

    World War II Starts
    Germany invades Poland and Polish miitary forces are unprepared for the attack. Britian and France declare war on Germany.
  • Battle of the Atlantic

    Battle of the Atlantic
    This was the longest military compaign in WWII. There was a naval blockade of Germany which included naval boats, air warfare for both Germany and the Allies. This battle lasted for the whole war.
  • Nazi Germany Invades Poland

    Nazi Germany Invades Poland
    The army of Germany invades Poland, officially starting WWII.
  • Phony War

    Phony War
    It was a battle that Allied didn't do anything because they were unprepared against the Axis. It was called the Phony War because the Allied did nothing and peopl hoiught that the real Wsar would never begin.
  • Kristallnacht

    Nazis violently attack Jews and destroy their property.
  • Italy Declares War

    Italy Declares War
    Italy declares war against both Britain and France.
  • Battle of Britian

    Battle of Britian
    The Germans targeted many British harbours, shipping faclities, airfields, and air craft factories. They also bombed British cities killing many people and destroying towns.
  • Lend-Lease Act

    Lend-Lease Act
    Signed by the U.S.A.
  • Operation Barbarossa

    Operation Barbarossa
    Germany attacked the Soviet Union which broke the non-aggressive pact. It was part of Hitler's long term plan and the Soviets weren't ready so the Germans were able to reach their land and they surrendered because of the winter.
  • The Bismarck ship is sunk

    The Bismarck ship is sunk
    This was one of the largest battleships that Germany had it was very important for the German Army but was attacked and sunk by some British ships.
  • Atlantic Conference

    Atlantic Conference
    This conference defined what the Allie's goals for the war was. It iincluded the US President and the British Prime Minister.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    The Japanese attack the United States which lead the United States to no longer be neutral during the war.
  • Italy & Germany Declare War on U.S.

    Italy & Germany Declare War on U.S.
    Italy and Germany declare war on the United States shortly after the United States declare war on Japan.
  • Wannsee Conference

    Wannsee Conference
    The Senior officals of the Nazis met to discuss the cooperation of the diffrent leaders of different governments. This was when they decided that mass murder was the solution to the Jews.
  • The Final Solution

    The Final Solution
    Nazi leaders attend a meeting to completely eradicate Jews in Europe.
  • The Doolittle Raid on Japan

    The Doolittle Raid on Japan
    This was an air rad done by the United States against Tokyou. It was to show that Japan was vulnerable to the Americans.
  • Battle of Midway Begins

    Battle of Midway Begins
    This was one of the most important naval battles of the war. This was mostly a retaliation after the Pearl Harbor attack.
  • Battle of Sicily

    Battle of Sicily
    The Allies took Sicily from the Axis powers. Sicily was won by the Allies which led to Mussolini's downfall.
  • D-Day

    Allies armies invade France which was the biggest invasion of WWII.
  • Germany Attacks Soviet Union

    Germany Attacks Soviet Union
    Germany breaks their pact with the Soviet Union and attacks them.
  • Battle of the Scheldt

    Battle of the Scheldt
    Canadian troops were told to clear the enemy troops from the Scheldt River. Because the river was connected Antwerp to the North Sea so the Germans controlled the river and what came in or out of. So they had to win to be able to bring their supplies to deafeat Germany.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    Battle of the Bulge
    The Battle of the Bulge, the final German offensive in the west, begins.
  • Battle of Rhineland

    Battle of Rhineland
    It began when the Allies attacked the Germans on the Rhine River and out of the Netherlands. In the end the Germans pulled out to east of the Rhine River and the Candians liberated Holland.
  • The Death of Hitler

    The Death of Hitler
    Hitler commited suicide in Berlin before he was captured when Germany surrendered to the Allies on May 7, 1945.
  • Victory in Europe

    Victory in Europe
    Germany surrendered to the Allies.
  • Atomic Bomb Dropped on Hiroshima

    Atomic Bomb Dropped on Hiroshima
    Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima by the U.S.