World War II

  • World War II Begins

    Japan Invades Manchuria
  • Period: to


  • Nazi Germany

    Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan sign the Anit-Comintern Pact directed agaisnt the Soviet Union and the international Communist movement.
  • There is only four concentration camps left

  • Japan Invades China

    Japan invades China initaing World War II in the Pacific
  • Germany, Italy, Great Britain, and France

    Germany, Italy, Great Britain, and France sign the Munich agreement which forces the Czechoslovak Republic to cede the Sudetenland to Nazi Germany
  • France and Great Britain guarantee the intergrity of the borders of the Polish state

  • Fascist Italy invades and annexes Albania

  • Nazi Germany and Soviet Union

    Nazi Germany and Soviet Union sign a nonagression agreement and a secret codicil dividing eastern Europe into spheres of influence
  • Germany invades Poland

    Initiating WWII in Europe
  • Soviet Union invades Poland from the east

  • Germany invades Denmark and Norway

  • Italy enters the war

    Italy invades southern France on June 21.
  • The Italians invade British

    Controlled Egypt from Italian controlled Libya
  • Germany, Italy, and Japan sign the Tripartie Pact

  • Italy invades Greece from Albania

  • Slovakia, Hingary, and Romania join the Axis

  • Japan bombs Pearl Harbor

  • US declares war on Japan

  • British and US navies halt the Japanese

    Naval advance in the central Pacific at Midway
  • US troops halt the Japanese island hopping

    They were advancing towards Australia at Guadalcanal in Solomon Island
  • British troops defeat the Germans and Italians

    Happens at El Alamein in Egypt, sending the Axis forces in chaotic retreat across Libya to the eastern border of Tunisia.
  • US and British troops land at several points on the beaches in Alegeria

    In French North Africa.
  • US drops an atomic bomb on Hiroshima

  • US drops a bomb on Nagasaki.

  • Japan surrenders ending WWII