World War 2

  • Vladek gets engaged

    Vladek and Anja become engaged.
  • Vladek gets married

    Anja and Vladek Marry.
  • Vladek's son

    Richieu is born
  • Nazis occupy part of Czechoslovakia

    On this day, Hitler's forces invade and occupy Czechoslovakia--a nation sacrificed on the altar of the Munich Pact, which was a vain attempt to prevent Germany's imperial aims.
  • Hitler invades Denmark and Norway

    Hitler invaded and occupied Denmark and Norway to safeguard supply routes of Swedish ore and also to establish a Norwegian base from which to break the British naval blockade on Germany.
  • Vladek in military

    Vladek in military
    Vladek is called and has to serve in the Polish army.
  • 'Phoney War'

    The months following Britain's declaration of war are referred to as the 'phoney war' because Britain saw no military action.
  • Britain and France declared war on Germany

    Neville Chamberlain broadcast the announcement that the country was at war.
  • Beginning of World War II

    The second world war started.
  • Jews are forced to wear star of david

    Jews are forced to wear star of david
    Jews are forced to wear star of David in German-occupied Poland
  • Blitzkrieg

    Hitler launched his blitzkrieg (lightning war) against Holland and Belgium. Rotterdam was bombed almost to extinction. Both countries were occupied.
  • Dunkirk (Operation Dynamo)

    The British commander-in-chief, General Gort, had been forced to retreat to the coast at Dunkirk. The troops waited, under merciless fire, to be taken off the beaches. A call went out to all owners of sea-worthy vessels to travel to Dunkirk to take the troops off the beaches of Dunkirk. More than 338,000 men were rescued, among them some 140,000 French who would form the nucleus of the Free French army under a little known general, Charles de Gaulle.
  • Italy enter war on side of Axis powers

    Italy entered the war on the side of the Axis powers. Italy's motive for entering the war was the hope of rich pickings from the spoils of war.
  • Tripartite Pact

    pact of mutual alliance was signed by Germany, Italy and Japan.
  • Eliezer Wiesel

    At twelve years old he starts to study the Kabbalah.
  • Hitler attacks Russia - Operation Barbarossa

    Hitler sent 3 million soldiers and 3,500 tanks into Russia. The Russians were taken by surprise as they had signed a treaty with Germany in 1939. Stalin immediately signed a mutual assistance treaty with Britain and launched an Eastern front battle that would claim 20 million casualties. The USA, which had been supplying arms to Britain under a 'Lend-Lease' agreement, offered similar aid to USSR.
  • Pearl Harbor

    The Japanese, who were already waging war against the Chinese, attacked the US pacific fleet at Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, as a preliminary to taking British, French and Dutch colonies in South East Asia.
  • Japanese take Singapore

    The Japanese captured Singapore from the British, taking some 60,000 prisoners
  • Battle of Midway

    The USA defeated the Japanese navy at the Battle of Midway. Following this victory, the US navy was able to push the Japanese back.
  • Moishe comes back

    Moishe the beatle comes back to warn the Jews about what is to come.
  • Italy surrenders

    Mussolini had been thrown out of office and the new government of Italy surrendered to the British and the USA. They then agreed to join the allies. The Germans took control of the Italian army, freed Mussolini from imprisonment and set him up as head of a puppet government in Northern Italy. This blocked any further allied advance through Italy.
  • Elie Wiesel

    At 15 years old Elie and his family are deported from Sighet to Auschwitz.
  • D-Day

    The allies launched an attack on Germany's forces in Normandy, Western France. Thousands of transports carried an invasion army under the supreme command of general Eisenhower to the Normandy beaches. The Germans who had been fed false information about a landing near Calais, rushed troops to the area but were unable to prevent the allies from forming a solid bridgehead. For the allies it was essential to first capture a port.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    Germany launched its final defensive through the Ardennes region of Belgium. However, they were beaten back by the allies.
  • Elie Wiesel

    Elie sees his father fo the last time.
  • Elie Liberated

    Elie Wiesel was liberated from the concentration camp in which he was held. He had entered the concentration with his father and left without him. Elie had suffered starvation, sickness, and grief.
  • Hitler commits suicide

    The German leader, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his bombproof shelter together with his mistress, Eva Braun, who he had, at the last minute, made his wife.
  • Churchill loses election

    Winston Churchill lost the election to Clement Atlee's Labour Party. The Labour party promised sweeping social reforms including nationalisation of the coal and railway industries and the creation of a welfare state. The Labour party gained 393 seats to the Conservatives 213. It was generally accepted that the landslide victory for Labour was due to the men and women of the armed services who did not want to resume civilian life under the conditions that they had before they entered service.
  • Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima

    The Japanese generals refused to surrender. The US dropped an atomic bomb on the island of Hiroshima
  • Vladek and Art

    Art Spiegelman is born.