World war 1 timeline

  • The tripple entente

     The tripple entente
    the alinace of france britain and russia after signing though anglo russian entente of 1907.
  • Great White Fleet

    Great White Fleet
    Was a nickname for bascially the navy. Theodore Roosevelt had this idea of building the strongest navy and to show them off to the world and the power they possesed. It consisted of 16 battleships. They circumnavigated the world from December 1907 to Feburary 1909.
  • Francis Ferdinand assinated

    Francis Ferdinand assinated
    He was assenated at sarajevo which was thought to be one of the main causes of world war one.
  • weapons of world war one for the united states

    weapons of world war one for the united states
    The United States durring the first war was equipped with many different weapons that helped them make there way through the war. They had weapons like knives, bayonets, grenades, support guns, mortars, shot guns, machine guns, riffles, and hand guns.
  • lusitania

    The british ocean liner ferried people across the Atlantic ocean between the united states and Great Britain. SInce the outbreak of ww1 ocean travel have became dangerous. The ocean liner was sunk by a german u boat with over 100 americans on board.
  • Bolshevick revelution

    Bolshevick revelution
    Were a faction of the marxist russian social demecratic labor party. they became known as the commonist party of the soviet union,
  • schenck vs usa

    schenck vs usa
    surpreme court disscion to uphold the espionage act of 1917 and the defendent did not ahve first right amendment to speak agasint the draft during the war
  • The 14 points

    The 14 points
    A speach given by woodrow wilson. This was intended to assure the country that the great war was being fought for moral cause and post war peace in europe
  • Espionage/sedition act

    Espionage/sedition act
    It forbaid the use of disloyal language about the united states and if so commited would be held in contempt.
  • Treaty of versailles

    Treaty of versailles
    one of the peace treadies at the end of ww1 it ended the war between germany and the allied powers( France, British empire, Italy, Japan, and the United States).
  • The league of the nations

    The league of the nations
    The first meeting held in london. The paris peace conference which ended the war.