World Time Line

  • Bishop Ussher

    Bishop James Ussher said that heaven and Earth was created in 4004 B.C.
  • Spontaneous Generation

    Francesco Redi uses new scientific magnifying tools.
  • Linnaeus

    Linnaeus publishes the first editon of "Systema Naturae"
  • Comte de Bufon

    Is one of the most respected naturalist of his era.
  • Natural Theology

    Natural theology views God trough nature, as in the eye, William Palley said, its a complex organ that only an intelligent designer could had made it.
  • Lamark

    French naturist Jean-Baptist de Lamark proposed that all organisms change, or evolve, to adapt to their enviroment.
  • Cuvier

    French naturalist Georges Cuvier attemps to explain fossils found in mines digging.
  • Lyell

    Charles Lyell argues that slow-moving, gradual process explains Earth's geology.
  • Beagle Voyage

    A voyage in which charles darwing took five years exploring fossils in south america and creatures in the Galapagos Islands. After it, he was a changed man, he now wanted to dedicate his life to science.
  • Neanderthal

    In Germany´s valley, Neanderthal, a fossil skull was discovered, it looked different as a normal human skull, so it started a debate in between evolution and religion.
  • Wallace

    Wallace had a theory of how species had evolved. Darwin was shocked because it went trough his 20 year theory of Natural Selection.
  • Origin of Species

    Darwin published his book "Origin of Species"
  • Ape Debate

    At a meeting of Britain´s leading scientists, Darwin is critizied for bestializing humans in his book, because of not including them in his evolution theory.
  • Evolution Accepted

    Darwin´s theory of origin of species by natural selection, its still being doubted by scientist.
  • Decedent of Man

    Darwin´s new book now involves human evolution in sexual selection.
  • Horse Fossils

    5 toed horse feet fossils where discovered, this explained how horses had changed.
  • Darwin´s burial

    Darwin´s body is now resting in a burial in Westminster Abbey, England.
  • Radioactivity

    Radioactivity was discovered by physicist Antoine Henri Becquerel.
    It helped discover more about earths age.
  • Pilldown Man

    A fossil skull called Pilldown Man helped scientists know more about the evolution of humans.
  • First Anti-evolution Bills

    Six southern and border states consider anti-evolution proposals.
  • Man Like Ape

    Raymond Dart announces that a prehistoric Man Like Ape has been discovered.
  • Textbook Censored

    Publishers removed references to evolution form biology textbooks.
  • Tennessee bill

    The Tenesee legislature passes a bill that make public schools to teach any theory that denies the genesis Divine Creation.
  • Neo Darwinism

    Neo Darwinism explains that there are also other types of evolution, as mutation of organisms.
  • Evolution Shunned

    Less than the half of biology teaches in 1940, teached about evolution.
  • Supreme Court on Religion

    Neither a state ot the federal government can pass a law that aids any relligion.
  • Pope pius XII

    Pope Pius Xll considers evolution of a serious in-depth study hypothesis.
  • Origins of life

    Young graduate student Stanley Miller, produces amino acids. Amino acids are a key chemical for blocks of life.
  • DNA

    DNA was discovered as a twisted ladder of nuecleid acid.
  • Human and Apes

    Scientist discover similarity in human´s and ape´s DNA.
  • Supreme Court on Evolution

    Susan Epperson fights for evolution to be taught.
  • DNA Codes

    New technology now helps sequence of DNA to be read easily.
  • Textbook disclaimer

    In Tangipahoa Parish, La, passes a requierement that when students are taught about evolution, they will be informed that its not intended to influence the biblical version
  • Pop John Paul II

    Pop John Paul II proclaims that there is no essential conflict in between evolution and religion.
  • Science Standards

    How well evolution is taught is evaluaten in the USA.
  • Human Genome

    Human genome helps see how 98% of genes with chimpanzees, and also share genes with fruit flies and yeast.