World history - Important events

By Gotmilk
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    World history - Important events

  • American Revolution

    American Revolution
    U.S reveloution war began with the 13 colonies and the British, caused by the British who taxed the colonies. Colonies got fed up and tension began to stir with the colonies and the British, events like the Boston Massacre got the colonies to feel the need to start a war.
  • The Constitution

    Constitution39 or the 55 people who helped to make the constitution signed it. Which states all the laws in the United States of America. Showed that the colonies were serious about establishing the U.S as a nation
  • French Reveloution

    Rights and ManWas an important event in history because it inspired even more countries to revolt against their leader/dictator, French Reveloution started mainly because the people of France were unhappy with their king, and wanted change.
  • Declaration of Rights and Man

    French people started an organized event, which gave new laws and rights and sayed that every man is born with equal rights.
  • Paraguay Declares Independence

    Paraguay set an example in how to win a reveloution to countries like Chile, and Peru, Was important because it inspired people to revolt against their goverment if they were unpleased with it
  • Chile Declares Independence

    Chile was tired of being under Spain rule, Chile finially won their independence. Which Spain is not too pleased about
  • Peru Declares Independence From Spain

    Peru follows Chile's path and decides to spilt off from Spain rule, also becomes a new country who declares independence. Important because it inspires other countries to rebel against their ruler.
  • Mexico Gains Independence From Spain

    Mexico IndependenceWar began by peasents standing up against their owners (Slaves vs. Master) Mexico were tired of being under Spain rule and revolted, similar to the American Reveloution. Important because it gave Mexico more confidence as a Nation.
  • The Civil War

    Civil warBig part of American history, because it ended slavery, and ended up making the U.S stronger as a nation after the war. Even though many people died from the war, it made a more stronger central goverment and enforced more laws. The rifle was a new weapon in the war, which had a spiral bullet rotation in the gun which made it far more accurate than shooting a musket.
  • World War I

    World war IBig part of history because started the first world war in which nations across the globe fought for land/money and freedom, and also new weapons were brought into play, weapons such as poisness gases, Machine guns, submarines, fighter pilots, and Tanks which brought a new stragey in war.