World History

  • 3100 BCE

    Old Kingdom

    Old Kingdom
    The earliest Egyptians were descendants of Ham through Mizriam Dress was fairly simple during the Old Kingdom ( Editors).. Men wore skirts tied at the waist, and people of importance wore colorful garments (Murray, et al.)( Editors).
  • 3000 BCE

    Aegean civilization Greece

    Aegean civilization Greece
    Greek civilization began on Crete, in a island located where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean Sea ( Editors).One of the civilization developed in 300 B.C,the capital was Knossos ( Editors).
  • 2060 BCE

    Middle kingdom

    Middle kingdom
    After Pepi II past away, he reigned in Memphis for ninety-four years, the pharaohs lost control over the nobles ( Editors). The princes ruled their own nomes as they chose ( Editors).
  • 1508 BCE

    New kingdom

    New kingdom
    One of the most colorful rulers of Egypt during this period was Hatshepsut, the widow of Thutmose II, the daughter of Thutmose I, and stepmother and regent to Thutmose III. She ruled like she was a man, she used a false bear she never told the people she was a women( Editors).
  • 1441 BCE

    The Second Intermediate Period.

    The Second Intermediate Period.
    The Thirteenth Dynasty was very weak and unstable. The pharaohs they were also known as the"shepherd kings. Also the Hyksos were Asians and some of them were of Semitic stock ( Editors).
  • 890 BCE

    a new dynasty

    a new dynasty
    new dynasty began to rule at Asshur in the person of Tukulti-Ninurta II ( 890- 885 B.C.). He was followed by his son, Ashurnasirpal II ( 885- 860 B.C.), who greatly expanded Assyria's dominion (as far as Philistia and northern Babylonia). Ashurnasirpal commenced the sustained Assyrian pressure against its western neighbors, including Israel. This conflict with the Northern Kingdom of Israel eventually brought about its captivity( Editors).
  • 750 BCE

    Rome Pre-Republic.

    Rome Pre-Republic.
    All origins of Rome are very uncertain, theres many legends about how the city was made ( Editors). One of the best legends about how they found Rome was found by twins brothers, there names were Romulus and Remus ( Editors). In the legend they were the sons of the god Rome of war ( Editors).
  • 703 BCE

    Babylonian history

    Babylonian history
    God used Assyria to punish Israel for its idolatry. He used Babylon to punish Assyria and then to punish Judah. Merodach-baladan instituted a rebellious rule at Babylon and made overtures to Hezekiah of Judah.( Editors)
  • 700 BCE

    Persians civilization

    Persians  civilization
    The Hebrew prophet, saiah, served in the court of Hezekiah. He's known for writing one of the best known prophetic books in the history of the world( Editors)
  • 627 BCE

    Assyrian Literature.

    Assyrian Literature.
    The Assyrians, whose language and cuneiform script was really similar to the Babylon. Most of there literature was made government documents and most of there writing included clay tables. Ashurbanipal collected an astonishingly large library of the great works of his day.( Editors)
  • 612 BCE

    Persians History

    Persians History
    The history of Persia begins with the Medes. Media exist sinse Noahic times, it was located was is now called thenorthwestern Iran. For a every long time they were subject to Assyrian rule( Editors)
  • 600 BCE

    Persians religion

    Persians religion
    The early persians worship multiple gods these gods are gods of nature, fertility, and the heavens Astronomer-priests were provided by the tribe of Magi. They believed to do good and hate people.( Editors)
  • 594 BCE


    In 594 B.C they gave Solon dictatorial powers so he can give peace with Athens ( Editors).Solon he abolished the exportation of food ( Editors).
  • Period: 551 BCE to 479 BCE

    Beliefs of Eastern china

    One of the most influential philosopher of china was Confucius, he was live during the time of the Zhou dynasty ( Editors).He taught at school for young men, he taught them politics and ethics ( Editors).
  • 550 BCE

    The Persian Wars.

    The Persian Wars.
    The new leader of the Persian war was Cyrus in 546 B.C he became the ruler of Medo-Persian Empire, he conquered many lands ( Editors). He always respected the customs religion of people ( Editors).
  • 509 BCE

    Rome -The Republic.

    Rome -The Republic.
    The republic of Rome started in the 509 B.C, when all the native Latins went against of Etruscan king of Tarquinius ( Editors) The upper class of Rome was called patrician and the lower class was called plebeian ( Editors). A long time ago the patrician known ass the upper class had all the rights of a citizen and the plebeian did not have does rights and plebeian could not marry patrician, But as the time stared to pass plebeian started get there rights.
  • 201 BCE

    The Punic Wars

    The Punic Wars
    The second Punic war was called the colossal contest, this war was between Rome and Hannibal ( Editors). In 201 B.C the Carthaginians got defeated, Rome decided to add Spain as a territory ( Editors).
  • 44 BCE

    People of Rome

    People of Rome
    Cicero was a very strong believer in the old Republic, he made a lot of point of view about the old republic ( Editors). One of the greatest roman poet that ever existed was Virgil, who is most famous for writing about a lot famous Greeks and Romans life ( Editors). One of the greatest Roman considered by a lot of people was Tacitus ( Editors). He wrote about many things including the fall of jerusalem in the A.D. 70 ( Editors).
  • 9

    The Germanic tribes

    The Germanic tribes
    In all the history of all Rome the Germanic tribe was a very difficult, Rome tried many times conquering the Germanic tribes in the Danube River but they never did ( Editors).
  • 14

    The Roman culture

    The Roman culture
    the culture of the early roman's and late western roman was different, They influence art and literature ( Editors).But when the first ever emperor of roman past away, Literature declined after the golden ages of Virgil, Cicero, and Ovid ended not many writer survived ( Editors).
  • Period: 249 to 251

    Tolerance and persecution

    when the third century stared the Emperor Decius stared to persecute Christians this was one of the most persecution of Christians that ever happened ( Editors). They started to see Christians as enemies and traitors because they did't believe in the emperor ( Editors).
  • Period: 340 to 397

    Church fathers

    In the earlier times writer and theologians were called ( The church "fathers"), they lived in a time when empires were declining and there was a lot invasions, There names where Ambrose, Jerome, Augustine, and Gregory the Great ( Editors). Sometimes even they called them "doctors"( Editors).
  • 511

    The Rise of Charlemagne

    The Rise of Charlemagne
    After Clovis passed away , he's kingdom was divided between he's four sons ( Editors). But after the division of he's four son's the civil wars stared and the led in a three way division, this division led to the of three kingdom's named Neustria, Austrasia and Burgundy, This kingdom's did't really do anything so they began to call them the Do-nothing-kings( Editors)
  • Period: 750 to 1258

    The Islamic empire

    The empire of Islamic it was always growing, but some problems stared to happen after the division of the empire in the middle of the eight century ( Editors).A little peak of the power of the Islamic empire was seen during the Abbasid Caliphate( Editors).
  • Period: 871 to 899

    Alfred the Great.

    Alfred the great was the saxon king, he had a lot of struggles with danish invaders, but he was able to defeat them in 878 Alfred also insisted that the Danes accept Christianity( Editors).
  • 899

    England after Alfred.

    England after Alfred.
    After Alfred passed away his son and grandson named Edward and Athelstan they became very powerful leaders ( Editors). They always kept the kingdom intact but made war with the Danes so they were able to have England as one kingdom ( Editors).
  • Period: 960 to 1279

    Sung Dynasty

    Did you know that during the time of the Sung Dynasty china got to one of the highest points of a lot of production and trading ( Editors).
  • Period: 976 to 1025

    The Byzantine empire

    To the ninth and eleventh centuries the umpired of Byzantine started to revive, one of the reasons for the recovery was a dynasty of very strong kings who ruled for 2 hundred years, one of the greatest king of this dynasty was Basil II( Editors).
  • 1000

    The Vikings

    The Vikings
    The Germanic invaders named the Vikings or another name for them is Norsemen, they had one of the greatest impacts ( Editors). Vikings from the places now known as Norway, Sweden, and Denmark ( Editors).Their were people who attacked silently and very quickly( Editors).
  • Period: 1260 to 1294

    The Mongols.

    A famous mongol's ruler was the grandson of Genghis Khan, his name was Kublai Khan ( Editors). He was one the people who led the conquest of china and he also made the Khambalik, When he was a ruler he tried to capture Japan but he wasn't able to so he failed ( Editors).
  • 1326

    The Ottoman Empire

    The Ottoman Empire
    The Ottoman empire were once a member of the clan who came to the eastern east, they served as guards ( Editors).The Ottoman made their own kingdom, they began to add Muslim to their kingdom as a member, they had all territory around Constantinople( Editors).
  • Period: 1340 to 1400

    Geoffrey Chaucer

    Did you know that Geoffrey Chaucer was the one that wrote the Canterbury Tales, a collection which became very famous, the story was told by pilgrims on their way to Canterbury Cathedral ( Editors).
  • 1394

    Henry the Navigator

    Henry the Navigator
    Henry the Navigator was born in year of 1394, he was one of three sons of the king of Portugal when he grow up he became an amazing military leader ( Editors).
  • 1409

    The reformation of John Huss

    The reformation of John Huss
    In the fifteenth century John Huss made an attack in the church offices ( Editors). In the year of 1409 the papal schism was made ( Editors). Huss was rector of the University of Prague, many Germans wanted his position and many rumors to remove him from his position ( Editors).
  • 1440

    Johann Gutenberg

    Johann Gutenberg
    In the year of 1440 Johann Gutenberg invented a machine that was able to print books, which also includes the famed Gutenberg Bible ( Editors).
  • 1440

    John Gutenberg

    John Gutenberg
    Did you know that John Gutenberg invented press that could print materials movable type, the bible was the first thing John Gutenberg printed ( Editors).
  • 1453

    The Fall of Constantinople

    The Fall of Constantinople
    Did you know that int he year of 1453 the empire of Ottoman became a lot more bigger because it expanded from Euphrates River to the Danube River ( Editors).
  • 1487

    A route to the East

    A route to the East
    IN the year of 1487 the Bartholomew Dias sailed from Portugal, the next year he when to the tip of Africa to prove that is was possible to circumnavigating the "dark continent," and that they were real ( Editors).
  • 1500


    Did you know that in the year of 1500 in England was ruled by Tudor monarchy, even thought the Parliament existed but its purpose was restricted and it was to bring all the desires of the Tudor king and queen ( Editors).
  • 1529

    Henry VIII

    Henry VIII
    Did you know that Henry VIII used Parliament to attack papal power, so he can grant his wishes ( Editors). In the year of 1529 Thomas helped Henry VIII to Cromwell, his chief advisor ( Editors).
  • 1536

    John Calvin

    John Calvin
    John Calvin in the year of 1536 he wrote and published a book of the Institutes of the Christian Religion, on what he believed in he's work was a great example of religious literature( Editors).
  • 1547

    Edward VI

    Edward VI
    Edward VI he became king when he was just 9 years old, a coucil was made to help rule the kingdom until Edward VI was old enough to do it himself ( Editors).
  • 1549

    John Knox

    John Knox
    Did you know that in the year of 1549 John Knox became a protestant of the England ministry and also in the year of 1553 in England John Knox went to Geneva, Switzerland and he was influenced by Calvin and all his belies ( Editors).
  • 1555

    War in the Netherlands

    War in the Netherlands
    In the year 1555 Spain decided to take the Netherlands, the person that took Netherlands was Philip II from Spain ( Editors).Philip II brought Spanish control, taxation and Catholicism to the Netherlands ( Editors).
  • 1558

    Elizabeth I

    Elizabeth I
    Elizabeth I was the daughter of Anne Boleyn who was queen in the year of 1558, her father was Henry VIII he was a popular person when he was king he lost ( Editors). When Elizabeth I became queen she inherited the threat of the civil war and many other problems ( Editors).
  • War in france

    War in france
    In 1589 Henry of Navarre became the king in France in IV, he started a line of many kings ( Editors) .They were called Bourbon king ( Editors). Henry of Navarre decided to become catholic so there could be tension between many other religions ( Editors).
  • James I

    James I
    When Elizabeth died dies in the year of 1603, she did not have a heir but the closes where James I he was the cousin of Elizabeth ( Editors). He was the first to call himself the great king of Britain( Editors).
  • Parliament rules

    Parliament rules
    Did you know that the bill of rights ended the English Revolution in the year of 1603, England change a lot after the civil war ( Editors).
  • Colonial rivalry

    Colonial rivalry
    Did you know that the first successful English colony was Jamestown, Virginia they were discovered in the year 1607 and the first successful colony that french found was Quebec and it was discovered in 1608 ( Editors).
  • Galileo

    Did you know that Galileo was an Italian scientist that made great inventions ( Editors) . One of them was the determining the specific of objects he also made a discovery of the laws of the pendulum ( Editors).
  • English exploration and settlement

    English exploration and settlement
    Did you know that Henry Hudson found the Hudson River while while he was sailing for the Dutch and they named it after him ( Editors).
  • Richelieu

    Did you know that in 1610 Henry IV was murder his son that was 8 years old became Louis XIII, his mother named Marie de Medici she was from a family of Italy ( Editors).
  • War in Germany

    War in Germany
    In the year of 1626 many Emperors with army's invited Germany, at the same time one Emperor named Ferdinand signed the papers for the Edict of restitution and it gave them back the Catholics land and the religion ( Editors).
  • Period: to

    The Fronde

    A civil conflict that was named the Fronde( Editors). The civil conflict stared because of bad harvest stared and another way the conflict started was by the English civil war ( Editors).
  • Habeas Corpus Act

    Habeas Corpus Act
    The Habeas Corpus Act was passed by Parliament in the year of 1679 it was a very big accomplishment in the area of human rights which was passed by Parliament in the year of 1679, was a major accomplishment in the area of law and human rights( Editors).The act made anyone that went to prison to come to a judge within 20 days( Editors).
  • Period: to

    Military expansion.

    Did you know that the war with Austrians was from the year 1683 to 1699, and also the Muslim military inferiority became unmistakable ( Editors).
  • The Act of Toleration

    The Act of Toleration
    The Act of Toleration was made by the Parliament in the year 1689, this act made sure to protect non-Anglican it allowed them to worship who ever they wanted ( Editors).
  • Thomas Savery

    Thomas Savery
    Thomas Savery was the first person to develop one the first practical steam engine, it was bale to pump water out of mines ( Editors).
  • lifestyle of Europeans

    lifestyle of Europeans
    In the year of 1700 the style of Europeans was very simple even though labor was difficult and sometimes it felt like it was never going to end, the position of a man in that time was to earthly provider and also creator of life's necessities ( Editors).
  • William III

    William III
    In 1694 Mary passed away and William III became the new ruller he rule alone until his death in the year of 1702( Editors).He was replace by Queen Anne in the years of ( 1702-14) ( Editors).
  • Thomas Newcomen

    Thomas Newcomen
    Thomas Newcomen made Savery's steam engine better than Thomas Savery developed it and in 1769 James Watt advanced steam engine in the year of 1769 ( Editors).
  • Period: to

    Louis XV and Louis XVI

    When Louis XIV died, the government of French stayed the same, when Louis XV was growing up under his great- grandfather shadow( Editors). He was lazy and very indecisive, he did't want to become king( Editors).
  • Period: to

    Louis XV

    Louis XV reigned from the year 1715 all t way to 1774 ( Editors). Louis XV was a lazy king and had bad attitude towards what the people of France needed ( Editors).
  • John Kay

    John Kay
    Did you know John Kay invented the flying shuttle in the year of 1733, his invention speeded up the weaving process considerably ( Editors).
  • James Hargreaves

    James Hargreaves
    James Hargreaves invented spinning jenny in the year of 1764, the matching spin 8 times more than other previous spinning wheels( Editors).
  • James Watt

    James Watt
    In the year of 1769 James Watt made a machine that had patented a steam engine and it was capable of driving other machine not just it self ( Editors).
  • Louis XVI.

    Louis XVI.
    Did you know that Louis XVI became king at the age of 19 years old in 1774 after his grandfather passed away making him the new king ( Editors).
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    Did you know that The Declaration of Independence was signed in the year of 1776 in July 4th and it declared that the United Sates was independent from England ( Editors).
  • George Washington

    George Washington
    Have you ever wonder who was the first president of the United States well the first president was George Washington which became the first president of the United States under the new constitution ( Editors).
  • Convention successes

    Convention successes
    In the year of 1792 the National Convention Convention greed the good news of defeating Austrian and Prussian forces by ending the monarchy and the beginning of a French republic ( Editors).
  • Eli Whitney

    Eli Whitney
    Eli Whitney he succeed in the perfecting the cotton gin in 1793, hes invention was able to separate fifty pounds at the same as separating one pound of cotton per day ( Editors).
  • Reign of Terror

    Reign of Terror
    Many people became sick and very bloodshed what ended the Reign of Terror was the death of Robespierre in the year of 1794( Editors).
  • Period: to

    The Napoleon years

    Did you know that Napoleon's coup d'etat had an influence on his continent in the year he ruled and it was between 1799 and 171, he became known has the Napoleonic Era of Europe ( Editors).
  • The Bahamas history

    The Bahamas history
    Did you know that the Bahamas was used for the Spanish slave trades, after first being ruled under the Spanish control, later the Bahamas was taken by the British ( Editors).
  • George Stephenson

    George Stephenson
    Did you know that in the year 1814 an Englishmen known as George Stephenson was the first person to ever built the first steam locomotive and also the first railroad which later became the source of transportation and traveling ( Editors).
  • Jethro Wood

    Jethro Wood
    Jethro Wood developed an iron plow, he replaced the wooden plow that was traditional with what he developed iron plow all in the year of 1819 ( Editors).
  • Peter Cooper

    Peter Cooper
    In the year of 1830 Peter Cooper made a machine called the Tom Thumb, and that machine was what led the United States to railroading ( Editors).
  • Cyrus McCormick

    Cyrus McCormick
    Cyrus McCormick invented the reaping machine, this machines Eliminating the cutting grain by hand and it cut the grain faster ( Editors).
  • The beginning of communism

    The beginning of communism
    Did you know about struggle between a very wealthy industrialists known as capitalist bourgeoisie the working proletariat in the year of 1848 ( Editors).
  • Wilhelm II

    Wilhelm II
    In the year of 1888 Wilhelm II came to the German throne, claimed the throne and to make the foreign policy decisions by himself ( Editors).
  • Nicholas II

    Nicholas II
    In the year of 1894 Nicholas became czar, even thought there was a lot of pressure for revolution. Nicholas II struggled to hold on to his power ( Editors).
  • Pope Urban II

    Pope Urban II
    In the year of 1905 the Pope Urban II of roman set in motion movement of the military against many Muslims who were occupied Palestine ( Editors).
  • Clayton Antitrust Act

    Clayton Antitrust Act
    Did you know that the Clayton Antitrust Act was made in the year of 1914, this act allowed big business to take out smaller or just other businesses out ( Editors).
  • Russia entering World War I

    Russia entering  World War I
    In the year of 1914 people became crazy and very violent. They began to robbing a bakery for the little bit of bread inside, and the police did nothing to help fix it ( Editors).
  • Revolution of 1917

    Revolution of 1917
    The revolution of 1917 was having complete control over people Totalitarianism assumed two forms--communism in Russia and fascism in Italy ( Editors).
  • The Russian revolution

    The Russian revolution
    Did you know that the victors were members of a Bolshevik Party that one day became the Communist Party in the year of 1918( Editors).
  • von Hindenburg

    von Hindenburg
    When the president of Germany von Hindenburg died in the year of 1934, Hitle put together the offices of president and chancellor ( Editors).
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    In the year of 1935, Hitle was breaking many of the restrictions that were imposed on Germany, by the Treaty of Versailles ( Editors).
  • Invasion of Ethiopia

    Invasion of Ethiopia
    In the year of 1936 Mussolini's troop took over the capital Ethiopia and the Italian dictator Mussolini called himself the "emperor ( Editors).
  • Czechoslovakia

    Did you know that the Czechoslovakia came under German control in the year of 1939, this made British and French leaders noticed appeasement was encouraging Hilton will all his aggression ( Editors).
  • Winston Churchill

    Winston Churchill
    Did you know that Winston Churchill was a Great Britain's famous wartime leader, that talked about a "iron curtain," that separated Europe between the capitalist West and the Communist East ( Editors).
  • Nuclear Arms Race

    Nuclear Arms Race
    In the year of 1949 was a very hard year for the United States because not only did china fell in the communist in that year but the also the soviet union test its first atomic bomb successfully ( Editors).
  • Period: to

    The Korean War

    Did you know that through the years of 1950 and 1953 Korea was trying to conquer south Korea but wasn't able to so both got divided to Communist north and free south ( Editors).
  • Sputnik I

    Sputnik I
    In the year of 1957 the soviet union made the United Sates panic because they released the first artificial satellite into the earths orbit and that satellite was named Sputnik I ( Editors).
  • Period: to

    Berlin Wall

    Did you know that the Berlin Wall was built in 1961 to separate the West Berlin from the Soviet-controlled, East Berlin and East Germany but sadly in the year of 1989 the wall was dismantled ( Editors).
  • Invasion of Czechoslovakia

    Invasion of Czechoslovakia
    In the year of 1968 Alexander Dubcek became Communist Party leader, he made many series of reforms that later were named and known as the Prague Spring ( Editors).
  • Mikhail Gorbachev

    Mikhail Gorbachev
    Did you know that Mikhail Gorbachev was one the youngest members in that ruled Politburo, he was also the sevens leader of the soviet union ( Editors).
  • Period: to

    El Salvador

    Did you know that between the years of 1979 and 1992 El Salvador had a very bad civil war and the United Sates gave them aids and by the year of 1992 a peace treaty was signed and conflict was done ( Editors).
  • Revolutions of 1989

    Revolutions of 1989
    In the year of 1989 Europe got the chains of Communism from World War II, protest began to happen against Communism and the Communist governments in Eastern Europe ended really fas ( Editors).
  • Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin
    Did you know that in the late 1990's the continent of Russia became under the control of Vladimir Putin, which before he was president he was prime minister until the resigned of Yeltsin in 1999 ( Editors).