world history

  • 1325

    formation of the Aztec empire

    alliance that shaped Mexico
  • 1400

    formation of the Inca empire

    incas conquered other civilizations to form an empire
  • Apr 6, 1453

    fall of Constantinople

    ottomans win and then the byzantine empire falls
  • 1480

    great stand on the ugra river

    they lose Moscow which begins their downfall
  • 1492

    syphilis brought to europe

    in 1492 a very dangerous Sexually transmitted disease called syphilis was brought to Europe and it killed up to 5 million people
  • 1500

    mercantilism in europe

    Mercantilism was a philosophy brought to Europe in the early 1500's that shaped the europeans perception of wealth. Mercantilism was a philosophy that meant raw metals like gold and silver held great value and countries had to mine them to be considered wealthy. this philosophy was carried all the way until the 1700's
  • 1547

    Ivan the terrible

    he was put to lead in 1547
  • 1547

    tsar uprise

    tsars stated in 1547
  • European tobacco trade

    Europeans did not import tobacco until the 1590's because they did not like it and it held a negative stigma.
  • galileo

    in 1609 Galileo created his own telescope so he could see into the sky and discover planets
  • deism in Europe and America

    in the 1700's there was a new religion that spread throughout Europe and America deism was a religion that was made to be more simple and followed nature law.
  • New Hampshire refused to pay taxes

    In 1731 New Hampshire assembly refused to pay governors taxes
  • Stamp act

    In 1765 the stamp act was started
  • First clash between British and Americans

    In 1770 the first clash between the British and the Americans took place
  • French revolution

    Th Frech revolution started in 1789 and went on through 1799
  • motivation of French imperializm

    The French markets, big industries, and factories were doing poorly so they realized that they needed change which motivated them to start to imperialize
  • first machine gun

    The machine gun was a revolutionary weapon built for wars and it was begining to be used in the world war one it was invented in 1844 by hiram haxim
  • Congo Free state

    The Congo Free State was established by king Leopold II in 1885 by seizing the African land as his own
  • world war one

    The first world war which was very revolutionary for weapon technology and began in july 28 1914 and ended in november 11 1918
  • tsars overthrown

    they were overthrown in 1917 Nicholas the second was Abbicated
  • tikka kita

    Ikki kita was a dictator in the country of Japan which advocated the ultra nationalist movement
  • origin of the nazi

    slowly adding rules and convincing people they are doing good
  • Benito mussoli

    he was a dictator in Italy that unified Italy under fascism
  • French imperialism

    French tried to imperialize Algeria which caused a lot of problems and shot Algeria into poverty
  • Algeria fights French Imperializm

    Algeria realizes they are being controlled and fights back
  • hitler

    dictator in Germany that slowly took control and gained more power and killed so many people
  • world war two

    world war two began in september 1 1939 and then went on until september 2 1945
  • Decolonization in africa

    from 1945 to 1960 lots of colonies gained independence which decolonized Africa.
  • proclamation of national liberation front

    This Document is like the Declaration of Independence from America it was released after Algeria took power after 7 years of war
  • vietnam war

    the vietnam war started in november 1 1955 and ended in april 30 1975
  • algeria independence

    Algeria had won independence after protesting, fighting, and going through a lot of struggle for many years
  • Mugabe arrested and thrown in jail

    He went to jail in 1964
  • Robert Mugabe elected prime minister

    Mugabe became Zimbabwes first executive president
  • south African independence

    Shut africa freed its self from white people being in control in 1990