The world is flat

World Flatteners

  • Offshoring

    It is the relocation of business processes to a lower cost location, usually in a different country.
  • Outsourcing

    It is the contracting-out of jobs from internal production to an external entity. It also implies transferring jobs to another country or building a facility in an area were labor is cheap.
  • The fall of the wall

    The fall of the wall
    This was the data that the bulin wall fell in gearmany. It was put by the soveats to keep everyone out and the fleeing people to east brlian in.
  • Insourcing

    Is when a business takes over certain unwanted functions of a corporation, and sells the corporation this service so that both companies profit.
  • Supply-chaining

    This refers to creating a network of facilities and distribution options that buys materials, finishs them and distributions them back.
  • The First Internet Browser

    After they opened there shares to the public the exsitment led to the rapid growth of the internet. It was also thought to make the rapid investment in technology.
  • In-forming

    The search engines like google allow people to find out and unlimited amout of information about many things.
  • The open source movement.

    The open source movement.
    This movement was created by the software creaters. This made software and informaton freely avidal to the world.
  • The flow of Software.

    This started to amp up computer usage. Mostly the use of software.
  • Steroids

    The term Friedman uses to describe wireless technologies. This amplifed all the other flatteners.