Working For And IPhone 5

  • Period: to

    Saving money to get an Iphone 5

    If I plan on getting an iphone 5 I would have to save $75 from my chorse money I get every week. Instead of spending $250 on new Jay's like every time I Get PaidI will save for the new iphone 5.
  • What Im Not Going To Do

    What Im Not Going To Do
    Instead Of Spending $250 on new jay's ill save that for the new iphone 5
  • What I Need To Do

    What I Need To Do
    I plan to save $450 on half of what it would cost.
  • How Are You Going To Reach This Goal ?

    I Plan to save $450 for and iphone 5 by saving $75 each month from my chores money before buying any clothes are shoes.
  • When I Need It ?

    When I Need It ?
    I plan on reaching this goal in two months .