Worker Rights

  • Africa to Colonies

    Slaves from Africa first imported to colonies
  • NY prosecution

    First recorded prosecution against strikers in New York City
  • American Revolution

    American Revolution begins
  • Prohibitions

    Slave importation prohibited
  • Seneca Falls

    Seneca Falls women’s rights convention
  • The Thirteenth

    13th Amendment to the Constitution abolishes slavery
  • Labor Union

    National Labor Union founded
  • NY Parade

    First Labor Day parade in New York City
  • Railroad Strike

    Boycott of Pullman sleeping cars leads to general strike on railroads
  • IWW founded

    Industrial Workers of the World founded
  • Massacre

    Ludlow Massacre of 13 women and children and seven men in Colorado coal miners’ strike
  • Railway Labor Act

    Railway Labor Act sets up procedures to settle railway labor disputes and forbids discrimination against union members
  • Great Depression

    Stock market crashes as stocks fall 40 percent; Great Depression begins
  • Franklin

    President Franklin Roosevelt proposes New Deal programs to Congress
  • General Motors Strike

    Auto Workers win sit-down strike against General Motors in Flint, Mich. Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters wins contract with Pullman Co.
  • Discrimination in Jobs

    A. Philip Randolph threatens march on Washington to pretest racial discimination in defense jobs
  • CIO Purge

    First two of 11 unions with Communist leaders are purged from CIO
  • Bargaining

    President John Kennedy's order gives federal workers the right to bargain
  • Coalition

    Coalition of Labor Union Women founded
  • Labor Alliance

    Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance created within AFL-CIO
  • Los Angeles

    More than 75,000 human service workers are unionized in Los Angeles County 30,000 to 50,000 working family activists take to Seattle streets to tell the World Trade Organization and its allies, “If the Global Economy Doesn’t Work for Working Families, It Doesn’t Work” 5,000 North Carolina textile workers gain a union after a 25-year struggle 65,000 Puerto Rico public-sector workers join unions Broad Campaign for Global Fairness pushes for economic and social justice worldwide Union movement orga
  • NY Volunteers

    Thousands of union members sacrifice their lives and health, and volunteer their time to respond to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon outside of Washington, D.C
  • Unions

    American Rights at Work, a national non-profit advocacy group, is founded to promote the freedom of workers to join unions and bargain collectively.