Life is beautiful 1997

Work for April-May

By superg
  • Book reading pg 354-366

    Read Wermuller in our textboook
  • Finals 18-26

    Final Examinations
  • April 7-8, Wed

    Watch the movie Divorce Italian Style.
  • April 8 Collaborative work due

    Group work due, post your work in the links inside the collaborative button.
  • April 12 Info Blog

    Individual work called Info Lit blog which allows you to analyze a website. Download the form inside the button
  • April 14-15 Blog due

    Blog in Divorce Italian style due (Due April 15 Midnight)
  • April 19

    Read Wertmuller article (e-researve)
  • April 26

    April 26
    Watch "Swept Away" via streaming.
  • May 3rd, Life is Beautiful move

    May 3rd, Life is Beautiful move
    Watch Life is beautiful (Benigni)
  • May 5

    May 5 read articles on benigni (e-researve)
  • May-10-12

    Last Blog due, Life is Beautifu.
  • May 17, 2010 (Extra credit due)

    Extra Credit due (Wiki)